Cochrane Public School News May 2017

Family Math Night

Mrs. Farmer invited the families of her Grade 3 students into the classroom recently to work on various Math tasks at different centres.

Adam enjoyed using linking cubes to help him work through a Math problem.

Liam and his Mom use bingo dabbers to model multiplication sentences.

Mason and his family learn about the properties of 3D solids by building them!

Micah and his Dad enjoyed all of the Math problems.

Ernestine and her friends and Mom play "Kaboom" - a multiplication Math game.

Katelyn built a cube and other 3D solids with her family!

Shandrika is thinking about which shape to build next!

Daxon and his Mom were very competitive in this game!

Basketball Tournament in Iroquois Falls

The Boys' basketball team travelled to Iroquois Falls for their first tournament of the season. Though they didn't place, the boys really enjoyed the quick pace and competition! Their next tournament is on May 1 in Cochrane!

Brody at the free throw line!
Team White
Coach Bertrand giving some tips to Team Black.
Warm Up!

Math time!

Mme. Demers and Mme. Charron's ELKP class have been incorporating a variety of Math games into their Math time. Important foundational math concepts are being built as students have fun with various hands-on materials.

Music Festival 2017

Congratulations to the C.P.S. Band! They performed in the Iroquois Falls Lions’ Musical Festival on Tuesday April 25. They played two pieces- Bohemian Rhapsody and Smoke on the Water with scores of 86% and 87%, respectively. These are high marks for this particular adjudicator. Individual students also performed in the concert. Our band and some of the students will be performing in the Final Concert on Saturday, April 29th at 1:30 p.m.

The adjudicator commented on the amount of work that goes into preparing a band, especially at their age. Thank you to Christa Cassivi and Lynn Roy for your dedication to the music program at C.P.S. It is such an awesome opportunity for our students.

Kairos Blanket Activity

Mrs. Lisa Innes, Indigenous Lead with our Board, led the Kairos Blanket Activity with some of our Gr. 6 students and our Grade 7 & 8 classes. In this activity, students learn about Canadian history through the lens of Indigenous people. The activity begins with what life was like pre-European for Indigenous people and goes right up to child activist, Shannen Koostachin's fight for equity in the Canadian school system. Throughout the activity, students learn about the effects of various events and decisions on First Nations people. It was a very eye-opening and powerful activity.

Mrs. Innes provides some background information and instructions before beginning the activity.
At the beginning of the activity, Turtle Island (represented by the blankets) is intact. Through a series of readings, the landscape changes as does the livelihood of Indigenous people.
Towards the end of the activity, the land belonging to Indigenous Canadians becomes smaller and smaller and is segmented into "reserves".

Elkp outdoor classroom

If you have driven up to our school, you may have noticed that there are some interesting materials in our ELKP playground - pots and pans, scarves and wood. These items are a part of an exciting outdoor space that we have plans and dreams for! Our ELKP classes are taking their learning outdoors. The following are some pictures of Mme. Demers and Mme. Charron's class learning in this extension of the classroom.

Mind Up in Gr. 2

Mrs. Kershaw, our Child and Youth Worker, recently finished up the Mind-Up program with Mlle. Charlebois' Gr. 2 students. Mind Up teaches students about self-regulation and emotional intelligence through various lessons. One of the most enjoyed activities in this program was mindful smelling! Please read the information in this link to find out more about why social and emotional learning is important for students:

Our Eco-Explorations class continues to go beyond the walls of the classroom and push the limits of their learning. This month, the Eco-class went ice fishing, built birds' nests, tapped birch trees for syrup and participated in the "Forest Olympics".

Easter fun

Students in Mme. Penney and Mlle. Benson's ELKP class had a lot of fun decorating Easter eggs. What fun!

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Students in Grades K-2 enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt on the Thursday before the Easter long weekend. Students had a lot of fun scouring the playground to find the brightly coloured, hidden Easter eggs!

Earth day

Earth Day was on April 22 this year! The students in Mme. Penney and Mlle. Benson's class learned about taking care of the earth and the importance of recycling. Each student made their own Earth and promised on their certificate to take care of the Earth. Mme. Penney was so pleased at how each of the students wrote their own promises in French!

Reading Club with Mr. Vachon

Mr. Luc Vachon, a retired Teacher, has been volunteering with out school 3x a week. In addition to working with a couple of classes, Mr. Vachon runs a reading club during the Nutrition break. Students that participate in the club have a chance to win a kite! Tonya Wesley, recently was awarded the kite after winning the draw. Mr. Vachon will be drawing for a prize every two weeks!

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