A "Mommy & Me" Shopping Nightmare http://momsshortstories.blogspot.com/

Imagine your child pulling over a whole rack of clothes and tearing every piece of clothing item she can reach off the display table. That's what my child did the day before Thanksgiving at Carter's. But, before all of that even happened she threw one of the worst tantrums minutes after walking into the store.

We were all but five minutes into our shopping trip. Remi and I strolled into Carter's. I was checking out the tops and pants on the five dollar table. Remi seemed to be sitting comfortably in her stroller, sucking her thumb, relaxed -- maybe about to take a nap? Wishful thinking, mom.

She spotted some article of clothing she felt compelled to reach out for and grab. I took it off the rack and let her hold it thinking it would keep her occupied while I hurried to pick out a Thanksgiving outfit for her. But, that didn't work. She threw the outfit she was holding on the ground, started flailing her arms, kicking her legs and yelling because she wanted to get out of the stroller. I took her out of the stroller but she didn't want to be held. She wanted to run around the store. (Trust me, that would be a disaster.) I decided to take her outside of the store to calm her down -- maybe she needed some fresh air.

But, that didn't work either. So, I proceeded to carry her, kicking and screaming, back to the car. After several minutes, she finally calmed down. I could tell she was tired. Her bottom molars have also been pushing through for awhile now. I considered just heading home but, darn it, Carter's had some good sales going on and I still needed to buy Remi an outfit for Thanksgiving. Therefore, I decided to go back in.

Remi didn't throw any tantrums this time but she did throw every hoodie on a display table on the floor. And, she managed to get a good grip on an outfit hanging up resulting in the whole rack toppling over. Still, we shopped on (after I cleaned everything up, of course). We made it to the register and finally back out to our car.

Don't let that sweet smile and those blue eyes and chubby cheeks fool you :-)

I must say -- this little girl definitely makes life interesting. But, while being a parent can be difficult at times, I wouldn't trade a single moment with my daughter for anything in the world.

Fifteen months old
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Jaclyn Morlock-Miller

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