Living Color Project: Kung Fu Panda By Arya Patel

My Experience

I watched the movie King Fu Panda 2 for my Living Color project. The movie is a series, and this was the 2nd one. The movies are about a panda, (named Po) which lives in Ancient China, and which is the Dragon Warrior and a part of the Furious 5. The Furious 5 are all animals which protect China, by using the teachings of kung fu that they learn from their master, Master Shi Fu. Po (The Dragon Warrior) is the leader of all them, except he is not very knowledgable about kung fu, and is generally clueless. He is also very funny because of this.

In Kung Fu Panda 2, Po fights the evil peacock (Lord Shen), in order to save China. Lord Shen is trying to take over all of China, by using a new weapon he created, which is a cannon which shoot firework cannon balls. Po (and the rest of the Furious 5) defeat Lord Shen and him army, and save China. Also in this movie, Po finds out that he adopted, and his real parents were killed by Lord Shen and his army. However, at the end of the movie it goes to a scene which is a village of pandas, and one of the male pandas says "My son is alive." After this line, the audience can assume that the panda is Po's real father, which was in fact not killed by Lord Shen's army.

Legacy of Ancient China; Daosim

Yin Yang

Fotune Teller in the movie showing Lord Shen's parents how their son (Lord Shen) was going to be defeated by a panda in the future.

Kung Fu Panda 2 expresses the idea of yin-yang (the balance betweeen 2 oppsing forces), when a fortune teller tells the parents of the Lord Shen (the evil peacock) that Lord Shen would be defeated by a panda. This shows the balance betweeen good and evil in the world, and how the good panda (Po) would not have a purpose in life without defeating the Lord Shen, and Lord Shen would have no one to stop him without the panda (Po). Po need Lord Shen, and Lord Shen need Po, which means they both need each other


Image of Po, embarrassed, after he tries to save the rest of the Furious 5 from Lord Shen.

Kung Fu Panda 2 expresses mianzi (the idea of face) when Lord Shen gets upset, and looses face when the fortune teller tells Lord Shen that he would be defeated by Po. Lord Shen then orders his army to kill all of the pandas. He does this to try to show is toughnes and power to regain face, and therefore proving the fortune teller wrong.

Kung Fu Panda 2 also expresses mianzi when Po gets embarrassed while trying to save the rest of the Furious 5 from Lord Shen. Po covers his face, which shows him being embarrassed, and embarrassment is one way of "losing face", or Mianzi. However, he regains face again when he saves the Furious 5, later on in the movie.


Po looking clueless and confused, while Tigris and Monkey look prepared and ready for battle.

Kung Fu Panda 2 expresses pu (the idea of an "uncarved block". This means something is natural, and being simple minded), through Po, because he the dragon warrior, except he is not very knowledgeable and is naturally good (compared to the rest of the Furious 5). This shows how Po is simply good because he doesn't get too caught up in things, and is simple minded.

Another way Kung Fu Panda 2 expresses pu is how Po is oblivious to a lot of things, like how he didn't know that he was adopted (even though he is a panda, and his father which adopted him was a goose) or how the fortune teller is a woman.This shows pu because he is simple-minded, and doesn't know a lot of common knowledge that other animals might know.


Master Shi Fu meditating, and trying to find his inner self.
Po controling the cannon firework ball, after Lord Shen fired it at him.

Kung Fu Panda 2 expresses dao (the path, way, or road to finding self) is when Master Shi Fu says to find the way or path to inner peace and inner peace through meditation. This is shown in the 1st image above.

Kung Fu Panda also expresses dao when one of the cannons blow all the masters and the Furious 5 into the water, but Po gets up to fight the whole army. Po finds inner peace, and is able to control the cannon balls that are fired at him by Lord Shen's army. This shows how Po finally is able to tap into his inner self through by using the path (in this case he finds inner peace). This is shown in the 2nd images above.

Why you should watch Kung Fu 2 for your Living Color project

You should watch Kung Fu Panda 2 for your living color project because it has a lot of connections to Ancient China, since it was set in Ancient China. The movie shows the connections very clearly, and there isn't too much to look at, unlike what another experience might have (like the museum). Kung Fu Panda 2 also provided entertainment, which makes the project mor fun to do, and generally more interesting and pleasurable.

Image source

All of my images were taken from the movie, King Fu Panda 2. I have just taken pictures of the images.

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