Health issues around the world By: Christopher Kim

Picture 1 shows a deformed North Korean defector.

Synopsis of "North Korean defectors with health issues": This article is mainly about how North Korean defectors come into different places like the U.S to find jobs, but most of the time, their health issues get in the way of going to work. This leads to unemployment. Also, for the North Korean defectors that are sick does receive financial aid for their hospital bill, but they still have 70- 80% to pay for the bill and South Korea needs to find a solution so that they don't have an economic problem.

This module presents information that is available related to health status and health care of elders from Korean backgrounds in the U.S. It includes some background on the population and traditional health beliefs as well as important clinical considerations.

These two graphs show that Asian-Americans don't have as much healthcare than the other races.

Every racial or ethnic group has specific health concerns. Differences in the health of groups can result from Genetics, environmental factors, access to care, And cultural factors.

Picture 1 shows a graph that has the cost of Obamacare increasing. Picture 2 shows a loading screen that people aren't able to log on to get Obamacare.

Obama Care (the Affordable Care Act) is a US healthcare reform law that expands and improves access to care and curbs spending through regulations and taxes. There is one complaint that is very common in the news. That would be the costs being too high.

My plan for the issue: In the future, I would try creating a new type of insurance and fix any problems people face such as logging screens, costs, and etc.


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