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Dr. Rev. Eileen Altman is an Associate Pastor at the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Palo Alto, California; but her influence and involvement reaches far beyond the confines of the job. Dr. Altman is also a board member for the group Multi-Faith Voices for Peace and Justice, which aims to bring together those of different religious and economic backgrounds. Dr. Altman grew up in Greenville, Mississippi as a pastor’s daughter and learned early on about the futile hatred that people of different skin colors and faith shared towards one another. Her involvement with the Multi-Faith Voices for Peace and Justice is the epitome of her involvement with the community today. The MFVPJ strives to create an inclusive environment where people can come together to worship. The most direct way that they do this is by holding a monthly prayer service for people of all religious backgrounds. While attending this service I met a man named Bill who is a Unitarian. Bill told me that he “likes coming to multi-faith events because he learns something about other people’s perspective.” It is that line of ideology that has been seemingly misplaced by the current hatred felt towards those of different faiths both on a local and national scale. What Dr. Altman does is by no means a national solution to this country’s egregious problems in terms of religious tolerance. But her and her companion’s steadfast commitment to bettering the world for all that inhabit it is definitely a step in the right direction.


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