ICT Final Exam Technology amplifies learning to oblivion

Tech Post 1

A phone

Everyone uses a phone. These lightweight supercomputer can give us helpful information, such as the weather, and the result of Giants vs Vikings last night. It can even order a taxi for you if you want to. All it takes is a touch of a screen, and you have a mighty machinery in your hands ready to do what you wishes.


We use laptops everywhere, whether its on our homes, or our school, or even in a bus station when you're waiting for one. On May 16 2006, a big tech company called Apple release a worldwide laptop called the MacBook. This is revolutionary. it could change the way you think technology. It can do anything. From defining a word to making flight bookings, you could surf the web as free as a bird with this thing.

Collaborative Study

Imagine a world where technology is used to amplifies learning experience. Students can search anything, anytime, anywhere, with a click of a button. They can google in a fraction of a second, and they can search ANYTHING. People all around the world come together as a unity. This could change how human life live this world. Imagine that the world we dreamt of becomes a reality. What will the next fifty years might we become?

At Sampoerna Academy, they offers a whole new learning experience. When you go to school there, you will be able to use technology for everything. This is the STEAM area, where students can explore however they like. If you don't know what STEAM is, it's Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. So, that's why they use a lot of technology for their learning.

Tech Post 2

I have done some work in ICT, for example this website that I made Link : http://apexindonesia.weebly.com

This was originally for showcasing the beauty of Indonesia to the world so that they get to know the core of this beautiful country. Most of you probably don't know that Indonesia has the Komodo Dragon, which is the endangered lizard that can be found in the island of Flores. Everything is in this website. Go check it out!

This is a poster that I made about trash and recycling. It was a really fun time making this. This was actually my first project using Adobe Sparks, and it really blows my mind.

This is a page where I tell about the use of recycled stuff and how you can use them again. Did you know that you can make a PC out of a cardboard?

I made a video regarding the recycled project in ICT. This was also the first time I made a video in Adobe Sparks. You know, 6.000.000 people is currently using any sort of technology.

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