learn in OH!

Are you too busy to answer all your children's questions about science?

Do you have a homeschool student at home?

Do you like to help your children succeed at school ?

Is it important to have a talented child in STEM?

What do we learn in Episode 1:

About 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. So it is important to know more about it. Know more about Water Cycle!

Words to learn:


the process of turning from liquid into vapor


(of a plant or leaf) give off water vapor through the stomata

You can watch OH! videos in PC, iPad, Laptop, Smartphones :)
We are Making a series of any subjects in STEM in 5 episodes for 5 work days of the week, so the student can see just 90 sec. animation in a day or watch all episodes of the week on the weekends just for less than 8 min.

For student: They will learn basic concepts of STEM subjects in a very simple way. When students learn difficult subjects easily, their self-confidence will boost and this is one of our goals. For teachers: It is a way to effectively teach science, math, engineering, and technology. We break down any subjects to different parts and explain them in short movie. We try to use people who are expert in educational and industrial careers to update teachers and students a new technology as well. For homeschool programs: Last week, the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) released an eagerly awaited report on the number of homeschool students in the U.S. The report showed that the number of homeschool students has grown by almost 300,000 since the last report in 2007. OH! is easy access for those who wants to learn at home as well.

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