THE POWER OF LUST By Divine Williams

LUST- Is the act of having a strong desire for something; can involve greed, and craving;Lust is also one of the most original sins of the seven sins that hurts our country

Be a good person and you will love life to the fullest

Lust can be seen in many different ways. When people discuss lust they automatically think sex or something that has a sexual desire. Well that is very much true but lust can be the desire to have power or to have something someone else has, etc. Also,it's just plainly wanting more and the feeling that your going to get more.

Greed is another sin which possible revolves around money and when people have greed for money it shows their lustful character.
The break in a person sooner or later shows the character they are and how they take on this tough time

A person who chooses to be complicit with this sin, lust will have a tough time.First off it's not good at all to be a lusty person and when you know that you are and can't change that then it gets worse.Being a lustful person people look at you differently an your bad habit gets out of control quicker than you think.You began wanting more and more.

Lust can be a terrible thing when it come to the sexual life.For instance prostitution.This is an illegal act that is widely done around the world.This act can be a terrible act that contributes to lust because being a prostitute can lure men into sound lustful things who are married,or have a partner.So being a prostitute can contribute to a lusty world.

This can contribute to many social things.It can hurt others and flourish throughout places.Once someone feels this act of lust is okay then they will catch on and that's when it's tough to stop.It gets stronger and stronger the more lustful people we have.

Not everyone who list is a bad person. Someone who chooses this virtue can be a good person or considered a bad person but it's up to the person if they choose to be lustful.

Lust can hurt gods dream for the world in multiple ways. Mainly it hurts the dream of the world because first off sin isn't good, god wants the world to fulfill their telos and you should want to be as close to a person as God was.

Lastly,lust is a sin and really should be prevented and when you witness or know of someone or something lustful, make a difference and do something about it.


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