Dinosaurs luke.s

Table of contents.1 instincts. 2. What they eat. 3. Carnivores & Herbivores.4 Whats there name
The names of Dinosaurs.T-rex, Spinosaurus, Velocraptor, Pterodactyl, Comphinauginas, Triseritops

A Velociratpors instinct is it being able to run very fast good eye sight and high jumping and they used their claws to claw their prey in the stomach until they bleed to death

A T-Rex 's instinct is it atacks prey only if their prey moves if their prey sees them one thing thats bad for a T-Rex is there short tiny arms

A Carivore is a dinosaur that eats meat a herbivore is a dinosaur thats eats plants a carnivore will eat Dinosaurs a Herbivore does not atack Dinosaurs

Spinsoaurs the strongest dinosaur the instincts of it is that it uses it's tail is a special part of it's defense system and it is skinny so it can forests easier and dodge attacks better

What they eat

some dinosaurs will eats plants otherwise they will eat... DINOSAURS because the two different differences between them is some are Herbivores and some are Carnivores Herbivores will eats plants and are peaceful but Carnivores eat meat and are more harmful Than Herbivores

A Herbivore would eat plants if it was to tall to reach the ground some dinosaurs are taller than other all dinosaurs are unique with all there sizes some are faster than other and some are shorter than others some can be stronger some are weaker they are all different smaller dinosaurs would eat plants from berries or leaves from bushes.Carnivores are not the same they eat meat in the age of the dinosaurs world there were no such thing as cows or any animals we have today there were just Dinosaurs so some Dinosaurs would fight each other for food one would win one would not if a Herbivore saw a Carnivore it would try to run away but if the Herbivore was big or was slow they would not make it

Whats there name.

Dinosaurs all have different like the Triceratops or the Velociraptor Those to are not the same they are different on the food chain they are given names so they can be judged from what they are each of them have names so they people today know what they are and if there a Carnivore or a Herbivore There are many more dinosaurs that have not been mentioned but most importantly Each species of dinosaurs will not be the same They are all Different


a dinosaurs instincts makes them able to hunt or defend it'self every has a instinct to make it special some have different ability's that lets see better or hear better even lets them hide or run better

A Dilophosaurus a carnivore had sharp claws and teeth with some venom in this Carnivore

Compsognathus a very tiny dinosaur known as the chiken dinosaur a Carnivore looks harmless not at all you see one you better run

A velociraptor a very inteligent carivore my favorite dinosaur it claws it´s prey if you saw one you could not out run it could also open doors it is a smart dinosaur

Conclusion i Think all dinosaurs are Unique with each instinct each one of them has a each instinct each dinosaur is special in its own way.

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