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JFK Medical Center

MGT recently completed another amazing project in south Florida at the JFK Medical Center. Our team has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our client and deserves a huge THANK YOU for making it happen. Most of our team had a hand in this one, but a special thanks to Norbert, Joe and Sean for leading the charge.

This project consisted of a vertical/tower expansion, ER expansion and ER renovation. The tower expansion was three floors adding 72 medical/surgical/ICU patient beds. The ER addition/reno added 78 treatment rooms. The overall project duration was 22 months of construction all done during normal work hours on an extremely busy and active campus.

From the Folks at UF HEALTH

6th Floor Handrail Finish Upgrade

"Good Morning, I would like to take a minute and Give you Thanks for getting this done. I would also like to point out that this project went off without any issues that I could see or hear about.

The team from McLeod did a Great job in getting with me asking me things and Checking with me on a daily basis . They wanted to be as clean and quite as possible They were great to have around and watch them doing their job. It looks Fantastic, now if I can just get people to quit putting their feet on the wall. Susan this team from Cody down to the painter Scott where always Clean quiet and very helpful in their job to staff patients and very Accommodating. Please pass this on to them. Susan this team from Cody down to the painter Scott where always Clean quiet and very helpful in their job to staff patients and very Accommodating.


Kids 4 Kids Triathlon

Alex's Lemonade Stand

"Dear Friends at McLeod General Trades, LLC, Thank you for your support of Alex's Lemonades Stand Foundation and for making a difference in the lives of children with cancer. Your charitable gift will help fund critically needed medical research to find effective treatments and cures for childhood cancer. Since its inception, Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation has raised more that $175 million to fund nearly 1,000 childhood cancer research projects at 135 top hospitals and research centers in the United States and Canada.With generous contributions from donors like you, we are able to speed up the pace of research, develop new treatments for kids and bring those new therapies to the clinic. These advances allow more kids to have healthy childhoods, enjoy life without cancer and reach adulthood. Your compassion is making a difference!"

M2 BattleSports Company Outing

5 Simple Safety Tips for Construction Sites

May 22, 2019/in Safety Articles /by Sprout MediaLab

With construction ranking as one of the most dangerous professions, safety should rank high on the minds of those in the industry. Many of the most important safety practices for construction workers come easily to those who have received a proper education on the subject, but for those who haven’t had that opportunity, here are 5 tips to keep construction sites as safe as possible.

1. Utilize a Safety Checklist

The first step in ensuring construction site safety is taking stock of all the components. This kind of checklist will draw attention to items of importance – from equipment and electrical elements, to hazard communication. Knowing all of the components involved in a project allows workers to be conscious of how to work on the site, while keeping aware of any potential risks. A checklist helps to ensure a smooth and safe project goes underway every step of the way.

2. Follow a Lockout/Tagout System

Those who have worked in construction for any length of time are likely very familiar with lockout/tagout. This system requires that equipment or machinery be properly disabled while maintenance occurs. Following this kind of procedure ensures workplace safety in a number of ways, particularly in terms of electrical work. It is vital as electrocution is a common culprit for construction injury and even death.

3. Check Scaffolding

Scaffolding is one of the most common hazards on construction sites, due largely to the fact it is so commonly used and it can so easily be installed or maintained improperly if workers are not properly trained. Equipment can shift, crack or be altered in an unsafe way during use, resulting in compromised safety. Scaffolding should be regularly inspected for any components that may have been compromised during the course of the job.

4. Wearing Proper Personal Protective Equipment

This may seem like a no brainer, but many workers will skip on wearing proper personal protective equipment for the sake of comfort, convenience or a simple lack of time and this can be a dangerous game of cutting corners. The hazards are different on every site, so discretion and wherewithal are necessary. The need for everything from safety glasses and steel-toed boots, to hard hats, should be respected and followed in order to ensure workers’ safety.

5. Only Operate Machinery if Properly Licensed

Most people who have spent a good portion of their careers in construction understand the importance of only operating equipment if they have received the proper training. The issue with taking on a piece of machinery when not trained is that a worker can make a mistake without having any idea that they are even making it, resulting in disaster.

For more info about the construction safety training that Construction Safety Experts offer, check out our list of safety training and risk management services.

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