Teaching Digital Youth Ochoa Lesson--EDUC 563

Lesson Rationale:

The majority of youth activity online is social and interactive. 60% of youth spend time on sites like Instagram and Snapchat. 76% watch YouTube regularly. (Speak Up 2015 Findings)

Mizuko Ito-- in order to better develop and support messing around and geeking out, "give access to a baseline set of standards, skills, and literacies about what is needed to participate in society". (Ito et al 2010)

We also need to promote conversations and collaboration within our students. This can happen both digitally and in traditional fomrs, but all will lead to more critical thinking and deeper learning results. (Svitak 2013 "Conversations Worth Having")

Lesson Design:

My approach is to implement curricular integration. Lessons are designed around learning skills and objectives--not technology. Technology and digital tools support and enhance learning objectives. (Hutchinson, Beschorner, Schmidt-Crawford 2012)

I also use elements of the flipped classroom model to create a student-centered learning environment.

Lesson Overview:

Practice AP test--online using Illuminate testing software

Essay practice--notes

Design instructions


skills/learning objectives

SAMR implemented

Student-centered; teacher support

Technology role

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Ana Ochoa

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