PfM Q4 Highlights FY16 Year IN review

Q4 Highlights - Revenue Recognition

  • Due to the high success rate of resolved Q3 time cards, PfM took the lead in Q4 and partnered with Ops again to resolve time card issues which attributed to $400K in revenue.
  • PfM corrected issues for non standard projects that accounted for an additional $450K of revenue across solutions.
  • Ensured appropriate partner setup within PSA that drove home an additional $250K in additional revenue for AEM.
  • Identified 311 projects in the backlog that were “Ready to initiate” to drive home additional revenue.
  • Uncovered additional PQ carryover revenue.

Q4 Highlights - Project Health and Governance

  • With PSA rollout, continued to monitor contract expirations, facilitated client communications and necessary Addendums/PSRs for contracts set to expire with a surplus of hours.
  • Governed Project Health Status updates to ensure Project Managers are providing updates for their projects resulting in 10X the increase in the number of Project Statuses reported.
  • Initiated process to shift MSA projects with Low engagement level to Medium/High engagement level through a series of consultant interviews. Identified misalignment of MSA roles with actual use within projects. Work started with solution lead and managers on remediation plan.

Q4 Highlights - Process and Data Assurance

  • Continued PSA expert user support to help PMs resolve assignment and time card issues that impacted billing.
  • Worked with Staci’s Kawakami’s Team to plan and execute EOY time card submission efforts which resulted in the most timely close since the launch of PSA.
  • Identified contracts to expire before EOY and sent call to action to PMs, PfMs and EMs for contract extensions or close-out procedures. Activity to continue on a monthly basis.
  • Continued providing Partner oversight and governance to ensure accurate invoicing and revenue recognition.
  • Worked closely with Thao’s team to plan and execute weekly time card report for tracking SPIF qualifications.
"This team continues to demonstrate why you are so important to our operational excellence and success. Thank you!" - John Frank
"Great Team effort! The Milestone Go-Getters" - Chris Kayes
"You guys are awesome! Most timely close I've seen so far with the least amount of outstanding timecards" - Charlotte Skinner
"This group is critical to our team's success. Thanks for all you do to drive operational excellence and successful project outcomes!" - James Hodges
"You have been an amazing partner through all of this! Thank you!" - Diane Hendricks


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