Social Photography James Gebbie

Studio Portrait

I taken this photo in the college studio, on the day I had to set up the studio with a black backdrop, stool, one lighting accessory soft box at a right hand angle and I also used a 18mm-55mm lens and a nikon D3300. The main focus in this photograph is the model's face, the light has created some depths of emotion in the models face with the shadows darken around the eyes making it harder to properly see the models eyes. If I could I would have removed the chair from the background by using a edit application called Photoshop where i could used the paint brush to cover it up or i could of layered this photograph over another to create a more interesting background.

This is a photo Allan Shirkie taken in studio.

The social wedding.

This a wedding I did in November 2016, in this photograph is a portrait of the bride and groom with the bridesmaids. Mr & Mrs Compagne had asked me to be there photographer on there special day, on the day I had arrived at the backlands bowling club in Kilwinning an hour earl to prepare myself for the guest arriving as this was requested my the clients. Once everyone had arrived I was asked to blend in and mingle with the guest, at first I found myself to be slightly nervous, but after speaking to the guest i was able to capture many moments at the event.

Mr &Mrs Compagne with Bridesmaids Helen and Sandra

Falconry Event Tenerife

This is a photograph that I had taken whilst on vacation with the family. I was taking a day trip to the jungle park in Tenerife with my wife, after walking about the park we came to the Falconry Event this showcased different species of birds and there ability to survive in this world, by demostraighting there flying techniques and how the can expand there wings for gliding to capture prey or to bring there wings to the side of there bodies to dive 80 ft straight down before quickly opening there wings to land.

Bald Eagle

Location Portrait

This photograph was taken in Eglinton Park with the college studio assistant Linda to help with dressing the model as we headed out into the forrest. While in the forrest we had the opportunity to use smoke grenades, Gary our Lecturer had to go to the parks head office to ask permission to let of the smoke flares, just in case they thought there was a fire in the forest and just in case they phoned the fire brigade. It was a dull frosty day and the model was frozen due to the temperature being low, Linda was near by to put the models jacket on between breaks. I used a 55mm-200mm lens and a Nikon D3300, due to the weather the lighting conditions where poor and I wish I had brought a flash gun this would reduce the amount of noise in the photograph.

Kayleigh and Linda.

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