In my lifetime By: Gannon Sarvis

During the antebellum era I had a very hard life. My master was always abusing me and treating me unfairly. Sometimes I would mess up and it would make him so mad. I would always try my best to not get whipped. Nobody liked being whipped.
I remember when Abraham Lincoln was elected as president and I had hope that us African Americans could be free. I lived in South Carolina at the time and they did not like that he was president so they seceded.
There was a time when a war broke out between the north and the south. The north was fighting for us African Americans to be free. The first shots were fired at fort sumpter. This officially was the start of the war.
When the emancipation proclamation was passed I was very happy and thought that us African Americans were free. I thought wrong it gave us African Americans some rights but didn't make all of us free from slavery
There was a era when people were actually trying to help us blacks. There were a lot of admendments that helped us. The 13th amendment made it illegal to have slaves or make people work for you. The 14th admendement was about people being born in America are automatic citizens including African Americans. The 15th admendment was about how all people should have rights no matter what their race was.
During the Reconstruction era military districts were out in the south to protect us A-A. The president and congress are the people who wanted us to be protected. People in the north seemed like they actually cared about us.
Us African Americans were now free and we were learning how to read and write in freedmen schools. There was a thing passed called the freedmens bureau. It was made just for us. People from the north were coming down to the south and making money off us southerners by saying they were going to work but didn't.
These state constitutions helped us freedmen a lot. They were so useful to us African Americans that we don't know what we would have done with out them. They were very important in our freedom.
There were terriost groups made just to attack us freedmen. There were the kkk, red shirts, and riflemen. They all were attacking us because of hate towards other races. They were mostly attacking blacks and they would lynch people just because of their race. My family and I were very scared to go anywhere because of them.
Back in the day there was a man named Ben Tillman. He was very racist and was against us. He made a college, which was Clemson college, just to make it where us A-A couldn't go to a college with whites. We were being disenfranchised which means our rights were taken away because of our skin colo.
During this time there were lots of white poor farmers. They would meet together and talk about the struggles of farming and provide tips and tricks about framing at the grange. The populists party wanted to help the white poor farmers but were against us A-A. It was very unfair because thhis was another situation where we were being disenfranchised.
There was a lot of things going on during this time. There was this things called segregation and it was about us colored people not being able to do what white people could do. Somebody made the Jim Crow laws to disenfranchise us colored people. There was a court case and it was plessy vs. ferguson and this proved how unfairly us blacks were being treated.
A bunch of natural disasters happened and destroyed multiple cities and towns. A hurricane and earthquake were what happened. This modernized lots of technology about tacking the weather and being more prepared for anymore natural disasters.
There was a time that was called the progressive movement. It involved Theodore Roosevelt and how he was trying to help America and people living in America. There were types of reform that would also help us.
During his time there was a war going on. It was world war 1. Lots of things happened in the war. Germany was disobeying rules and was attacking our submairnes just to start a conflict. The also used the Zimmerman telegram and told Mexico to attack us and make us weak. They also sank the Lusitania which was a very important submarine. This defeniltly brought us into the war.
During the roaring 20s lots of things were happening. Prohibition happened and that was the law that made it illegal to distribute, sell, and consume alcohol. Also someone made a movie to praise the kkk and it was named "the birth of a nation". Someone also made the Harlem renaissance for us A-A. We would gather there and celebrate out culture. There were also a lot of technology advances. We got automobiles to drive around.
The stock market crash was the last thing that happened in my life. It involved lots of people around America and lots of people lost lots of money in banks and investments. This was a very bad time for America.
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