Elements of art Jhon Alfred Terrado

Line is a moving dot It. creates and disappears. It is infinite
Shapes starts and also ends in one point. Many don't realize this but It's all round us whether you're at work, in your room, in different parts of the world, you will these wonderful shapes.
Form makes drawings look real. It's make an object have height, width, and depth. Form is like water, it's free flowing.
Value values the gradation in art. It focuses the depth of shade of a drawing and captures the light's direction.
Space can vary in different ways. It can be positive light or negative that is dark, open or closed,shallow or depth.It is depended on the artist which they prefer.
Color makes the world alive.The primary colors red, blue, yellow and when blend together, possibilities are endless.
Texture makes you understand that not only that it's three-dimensional but also the feeling of the art. Through this you can also express one's I emotions.

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