Boom to Bust


1920's Home life: ( women ) This picture from the 1920's is a very regular thing to do on a daily home life of an american woman. In the 1920's daily home life by a woman was very basic stay at home and take care of the children. The husbands were barley home, The reason why they were at home and not the husband was because the husband was at work, working for the food that the family puts on the table at night.
1930's Home Life: ( women ) This is a news paper about what the women were going through at home during the 1930's. The women lived without significant gains in the struggle for the equality. The husbands of these women have been taking the pay cut to keep their job. All of the women were facing depression in all different ways. some of their husbands would go to work then never comeback, he would just leave his family in the dust.

lesiure time

1920's Leisure time: ( Women ) During the 1920's the women went to the beach the most for their so called "free time". They enjoyed going to the beach during their free time. They went on these trips cause they wanted to get their mind of some of the things that they were thinking about such as they struggled to keep their family above the water and float in other words they struggled to keep their family from falling apart.
1930's leisure time ( women ) during the 1930's women started to get depressed in all different ways. Their husbands weren't coming home that often as they used to and didn't really care as much as they used to. Their husband was taking the pay cut and were unemployed. Some of them sold their children.

Role of Government (Extra Credit)

1920's Role of Gov't ( Farmer ) In the 1920's the government cared about the farmers, the government helped them out, they made deals, and the government did almost everything in order for the farmers to keep their land, everybody liked the farmers cause they were making their food for the grocery stores. The government was buying their crops for other purposes.
1930's Role of Gov't ( Farmer ) In the 1930's the government did not care about the farmers what so ever. the government stopped buying their crops, gov't stopped helping the farmers with their land and a lot of the farmers went homeless and loss their land. the farmers stopped making money causing them to go homeless.


1920's economics ( farmers ) in the 1920's the dry decade began along with very little rain fall causing the farm land to be very dry and they could plant anything on the land cause it was to dry and while the stock market was booming they had a little extra money to spend on their farm to try and fix it but noting was working. the stock market was growing and was going well.
1930's economics ( Farmers ) The 1930's is when the drought started. this drought started cause of the very little participation that happened in the 1920's. this drought cause the crops not to grow at all cause it was to hot and dry and this is how the dust bowl started. the dust bowl lasted for a couple years because of this. The stock market complete crashed and this effected the stock brokers in a big way.


1920's government ( Farmers ) the farmers were well taken care of by the government. the farmers like the government. they had a good relationship between each other. the govt did everything they can for the farmers in order for them to keep their land.
1930's government ( Farmers ) the farmers in the 1930's hated the government and the government no longer liked the farmers for some odd reason. the farmers needed the governments help cause the government were the ones who basically kept the farmers land for them. the famers cant go long without the government. the government used to buy the farmers crops and that would give the farmers some money pretty quick.

Election FDR

1920's Election FDR ( Roosevelt ) in the 1920's president Roosevelt got elected as the untied states of america. in the 20's everybody was depressed and wanted out of the great depression and president Roosevelt was the one who got the unite states out of the great depression. everybody deppended on Roosevelt to get us out of that great depression
1930's Election FDR ( Roosevelt ) in the 1930's a lot of things started to change in the country. for example he had the three R's this is what got us out of the great depression and prevented this country from any kind of depression again ad it worked. this country never got into a great depression again.

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