Digital Tools for Nonprofits Smart Youth Work LAB

Communication and social media

What is it for: Social media management tool that can be used to post from one app to multiple social media platforms (e.g Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter). You can schedule posts well in advance, but also post simultaneously from a single place instead of going to each platform individually.

What is it for: Designing and managing newsletters for several lists.

What is it for: Video conferencing with full functionality, which enables very good online group meetings

What is it for: Designing online graphics, logos in a very easy way

What is it for: Designing graphics, web stories, videos

What is it for: Online/mobile video editing

Special Entry

What is it for: A place where you can watch people playing games live. Over 15 million people use it daily.

What is it for: Treasure hunt games and discovery trails (e.g including in libraries, youth centers etc.)

What is it for: creating free or paid e-learning courses that can be accessed anywhere, on any device

Project Management / Productivity

What is it for: Project management, sharing project statuses (including with the public)

What is it for: Easy scheduling of meetings and coordination of time schedules

What is it for: Online visual collaboration

What is it for: A package of cloud services available cheaper or for free to NGOs, plus 10.000$/month advertising credit.

What is it for: Validation platform for NGOs that allows access to discounted software, cloud solutions and donor apps and licences for a broad factor of donors.

What is it for: Cloud services, email accounts and productivity apps, including a lot of free storage space, with heavily discounted rates for NGOs.

What is it for: Files management, document collaboration, file storage (up to 5TB)

Personal Productivity Apps

What is it for: Task management in a very easily accessible mode, individually or in collaboration mode

What is it for: Buying eSIM's for most countries in the world (or regions) directly from your phone (works only on eSIM-enabled phones)

The Smart Youth Work LAB project is co-financed by the European Union through the Erasmus+ Programme.


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