Hellenic Classical Math Study Tour

We arrived at Hellenic Classical, went into the cafeteria and the students did some problem solving with parents.

"I am amazed at the level of creativity that is embodied in this program." - Cris Wellington

While observing, the students and parents did a problem about connecting dots only using four lines.

Then, we went on a tour, looking at classrooms from 1st grade to 8th.

We watched them create and solve their own math problems, have circle discussions about different math problems, have scavenger hunts, etc.

"I loved being able to visit the different classrooms and see how they use creativity to implement math skills." - Sarah Ali

Finally, we ended the day by going to their gym and watching the younger kids solve math problems and run to the answer.

"The visit to Hellenic Charter School was a wonderful experience. It was engaging, informative and helpful." - Public District Teacher

Overall, this study tour was a great and fun experience, we hope you can join us on the next one!

Created By
Andrea & Kenya


Photos by Noel Parish

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