Tapping Into Text

Typography is the art of using text to convey a message. Typography is used a lot in the media companies hire artists to use typography in their advertisements the size and font or the boldness of the letters all show what kind of message its sending if the text is bigger and bolder it is trying to send a stronger message. Typography is used in all kinds of things now such as art and music videos. There are many different techniques such as:

Tracking: Adding space between each letter

Leading: Adjusting space between lines

Kerning: adjusting space between specific letters

There is all kinds of terminology used in typography. Legibility in text is how fast you can read text the simpler the font the more legible it is the more complex the font the harder it is to read. Fonts also convey what kind of emotion is coming from the text. a current trend is creating portraits of people using text.

Font also plays a big part in how people see your text and how they take in what is being said, Font is used to convey emotion a darker bigger bolder font usually conveys that whoever is talking is very powerful.

Kinetic Text means moving text this is used commonly in lyric videos for songs or for web page text or even credit scenes for movies.

Anamorphic is the exploration of the potential between typography and architecture. it is similar to an optical illusion because it makes the text look 3d through a distorted effect



The aim of this was to educate ourselves about how text can change the mood of a word and show feelings and emotion just because it has a different font.

Typography Portrait



The aim of this project was to create a portrait using words. I chose the character Napoleon Dynamite from the film Napoleon Dynamite I chose to use quotes from the film as the text on the portrait The quotes include one of the quotes is vote for Pedro and the way I altered the text was by changing the size and opacity for shading and filling in little gaps. If the shading on the actual portrait was dark I would use a darker shade so there would be noticeable differences to see where the lighting is.




This quote is from the film and graphic novel known as Watchmen the quote says "None of them seem to understand I'm not stuck in here with you, your stuck in here with me". I made the I'm and the Me the biggest part of the quote to show that he was powerful and in control I then made the You very small to show contrast between him and the people around him this represented the power he has over everyone.

Custom Font



The aim of this task was to create our own fonts by adding on to a basic font with drawings and then filling it in with a permanent marker to match the original text.

Lyric Video Music Brainstorm


Fool Wit It, Supa BWE and Chance The Rapper: This song is fitting because it is a freestyle heavily based on the lyrics and what they mean. The beat is a slow one so it is easy to follow and listen to.


Awaken My Love, Redbone: Redbone is a song by Childish Gambino and is one of my favourite songs and I would like to see what this type of song would be like in a lyric form. the beat is slower so the words are easier to follow which will make it easier for me to create a video for it. Any of the songs from this album would be perfect in a lyric video scenario.


Because The Internet, Telegraph Ave: Another song by Childish Gambino with heavy emphasis on the lyrics which tell a story and this would be fun to turn into a visual lyric video. Most songs from this album would work.


Pink Polo Ep, Girls That Dance: A song by Masego and Medasin this is a faster song that I like a lot and would look good in a lyric video.


Acid Rap, Good Ass Intro: This song has a faster beat and would work well if I were to turn it into a lyric video I would be using colours that match the album art. Any of the songs from this album would work the same way.


Elujay 580: would have a slower level of movement in the text and would look nice in a lyric video setting, the colour of choice would be ones that match the albums colour.

Lyric Video Statement

From the songs I have chosen, the target audience would be of ages 15+ the music genre I have chosen is hip hop and one funk song by a hip hop artist. Anyone who is a fan of hip hop artists will like the lyric video the artists I have chosen are Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, Masego, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, and supa BWE. This type of music is a fairly equal in who watches both genders are very much in the community but the actual artists themselves are mainly Men and they dominate the hip hop industry at the moment, There are a few female artists such as Little Simz. Ultimately this song will be mainly directed to both genders but will be a male artist.

Depending on the song I choose the colours and style will differ due to the nature of the song or the album art of the song e.g. Awaken My Love would be lots of dark blues and light blues as the colour pallet and the style would be wavy with little movement. if I were to do the Fool Wit It song I would be using lots of dulled down colours but rainbow and the text would be jumpy due to the beat. Because The Internet, Telegraph Ave would have lots of pinks and light blues and lots of sliding movement across the screen. The song Girls That Dance by Masego would have dark colours as well as bright neon to contrast the movement would be quite fast because of the beat and lyrics. The song Cocoa Butter by Chance The Rapper would work well and I would use colours that match the album art. as similar as the songs are in their fanbase if I were to turn them all into their own respective videos they would all be very different to each other.

After Effect Tools


Key Frames

Key frames: The key frame is a marked location on a time line that shows the start or the end of a transition or movement.

Pressing the U key shows the key frames on a timeline.

Parent Column

The Parent Column is the ability to link layers together so the match movement or start moving at the same time.


Everything you do is inside your composition and is saved in it. you can directly move pictures in the comp window.


Most things are done in the timeline such as key framing and adding many different effects and alterations.


you can add effects to clips in the timeline by selecting your choice of effects in the effect menu or panel at the top of the screen or you can search for them in the search bar to the right of the screen.

Effect Control Menu

Effects can be directly edited by using the effect control window.


Expressions are a fancier version of key framing and when you have used them there will be red text in the timeline to notify you.

Render Queue

The render queue is where you export your comp in the render queue you can change around your settings like frame rate, quality, compression and size.

Development Of Ideas


Effects and Techniques

The effects and techniques i will use are different angles on the text like a low angle or even a high angle over the text. another technique is blurring out the words after a period of time or using blurred words as a background. The use of other animations other than words such as waves and random additions to the text works well. the way the text appears on the screen can be manipulated they could be thrown in from all kinds of angles. finally adding movement to the letters during the song they could jump around on the screen when the word is said.


I have chosen colours that are different shades of blue so that they match the albums cover.


I want to use a thicker font so it is easier to read and more appealing to the eyes. the main reason i want the text to be thicker is so when i add colour it pops more and looks better in contrast to the background.

Lyrics and Length

The song is a massive 6 minute long song but the lyrics repeat themselves a lot so it wont be too hard for that reason but it will take quite some time to animate and edit. The highlighted are of the lyric script is the piece that is repeated.

Childish Gambino

Awaken My Love

Stand Tall



Song time 6:10m



The act of using symbols to convey ideas and words. You can replace words like ball with a picture of a ball.



With the FedEx logo if you look between the E and the X there is a arrow and being the kind of company FedEx is it fits quite well.

If you look at the Baskin Robins logo the portion of it that is in pink writes 31 this is a call back to the original 31 flavors Baskin robins had.

The arrow on the amazon logo points from A to Z this is showing that amazon has products ranging from A to Z.

With the Dayz logo they have used objects to create and finish letters in this they have used a sign to represent the space in the letter D and a person to create the letter A.

In the NBC logo their is a peacock hidden in the colours above the words.

What Do They Have In Common

from the logos i have chosen the main thing they have in common is that they have hidden words or symbols and use objects to represent letters and words. most of these logos are simplistic and the hidden symbol is something that is easy to miss if your not looking out for it.

Why Are They Important

Symbolism is important because it is a way to create interesting and eye catching pieces of art or digital media. they usually very creative and easy to miss but are ever so present when you notice or they are quite simple but effective and look very good.

Colours Are Symbolic


Purple: wealth, royalty, nobility and ambition.
Blue: Tranquility, Love, Loyalty and Intelligence.
green: Money, Growth, Fertility and Healing.
Yellow: Bright, Energy, Sun and Creativity.
Orange: Courage, Confidence and Success.
Red: Energy, Power, Passion and strength.

Lyrics and Symbolism


Childish Gambino Riot


I can feel it

Deep inside my body

I've been watching all this all night

I got to move it

This pressure brewing

This world don't feel alright


Body: This can be replaced with a picture of someones body.

Night: this can be replaced with a picture of a moon or stars

Move: i can add movement to the words with this.

Brewing: I can add a picture of a pint of beer.

World: a picture of earth


Get down baby, get down baby

Fly, Fly, Fly high


down: add movement to the word baby

High: use a picture of superman.

Lyric Video



Poster Used In Lyric Video



my target audience for my lyric video is any Childish Gambino fans and people who like the genres of R&B and Funk. My overall aesthetic was a simple design with the same basic font the symbolism is shown through the way the words move and act. I chose two colours black and yellow for most of the song it is yellow text with a black background but this get switched to a yellow background with black text. I have learnt lots of new skills during this project and I now feel very confident using after effects. My favourite part of this project was the lyric video because it was something new and was very fun to create. I would use more animating in any future versions of my lyric video.


Created with images by MichaelRiedel - "Text" • fill - "typography geschtaltung fonts" • Grekor - "texture typography you gradients" • Pexels - "computer display electronics" • Pexels - "computer display electronics" • Pexels - "computer display electronics" • Pexels - "computer display electronics" • Pexels - "computer display electronics" • Pexels - "computer display electronics" • Pexels - "computer display electronics" • Pexels - "computer display electronics" • Pexels - "computer display electronics" • Pexels - "computer display electronics" • Pexels - "computer display electronics" • Pexels - "computer display electronics" • Pexels - "computer display electronics" • Pexels - "computer display electronics" • Pexels - "computer display electronics" • Pexels - "computer display electronics"

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