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Ester Palomino Hidalgo

Antonia Padilla Romero

Alba Andía Corrales Riaux


  • Level: B1 according to the CEFR / Intermediate level of EOI (3rd year)
  • Target language: English
  • Timing: One session, 2 hours
  • Topic: Get ready, we're setting out!!! (Travelling)


At the end of this unit, my students will be able to…

  • Talk about where they would like to go on holidays
  • Talk about their likes and dislikes
  • Explain what objects, documents, equipment, is crucial when travelling
  • Work individually, fostering autonomous learning
  • Initiate to investigation using the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
  • Work in different classroom patterns, such as in pairs or groups (collaborative and cooperative work)
  • Learn vocabulary related to daily living objects, clothes, electronic equipment, etc. in a significant and realistic way
  • Learn basic grammatical structures to express likes and dislikes, opinions, recommendations, past, present, and future actions, etc.
  • Get used to working with online softwares and applications, such as Google Drive, YouTube, smartphone applications, blogs, etc.
  • Tangible outcomes: blog/diary on their hypothetical future travelling experience to Thailand (App: Storybird).


a. Grammar
  • Present tenses to talk about likes and dislikes
  • Past tenses to talk about previous experiences
  • Formulae to express opinion and preference
  • Future tenses to speak about futures actions
  • Basic modals expressing politeness or recommendations
  • Expressions for conveying pieces of advice
b. Vocabulary
  • Likes and dislikes (weather, clothes, music, etc.)
  • Synonyms such as (I like = I prefer, I love, I opt for, I choose, or I hate, etc.)
  • Daily living items (map, sponge, towel, etc.)
  • Clothes (pijamas, scarf, sunglasses, flip-flops, etc.)
  • Electronic machines (mobile phone, camera, laptop, etc.)
  • Expressions and lexis used in the airport
  • Gastromy, culture, religion, weather, celebrations, taboos, etc.
c. Pronunciation
  • Well stress-timed and syllable-timed consonants and vowels
  • Intelligible pronunciation, independently of foreign accent or precise accuracy
  • Natural, intelligible intonation
d. Discourse function
  • Describing actions
  • Talking about likes and dislikes
  • Making descriptions
  • Making recommendations
  • Preparing monologues or individual arguments
  • Talking about (hypothetical) future plans
  • Expressing personal opinions
e. Strategies
  • Use of the ICTs to retrieve online information
  • Development of learning strategies to improve public performance
  • Use of bilingual and monolingual dictionaries, both in paper-format and online editions
  • Use of realia and real-life situations for enriching the learning experience and encourage learners to be motivated and active
i. Intercultural awareness
  • Native language (Thai)
  • Religion (Buddhism versus Christianity)
  • Clothing (Social and communal conventions closely related to religion, social values, beliefs, ethics and moral matters)
  • Customs (highly connected to daily living actions, vocational issues, living conditions, politeness, ritual celebrations, etc.)
  • Gastronomy
  • Ritual celebrations



You are going to listen (and see) to a song in YouTube, but you are not going to be provided with any kind of information about it. Try to guess what country does it belong to, what that language is, etc. Then, talk to your partner about the following points: (5-10min.)

  • Have you ever been to Thailand or a similar place?
  • What aspects of the song/video has caught your attention the most? Why?


REALIA - Imagine that you are going to Thailand next month. As you may guess, travel organization is a crucial issue. For that reason, let’s start by packing your suitcase. What are the 5 most relevant things to bring with you? Different kind of materials and objects have been distributed/hidden within the classroom. Make groups of 5 people, and try to find those which you considered most important. Then, give some reasons for your choices, using some of the expressions below. (20-25 min.)

Some images representing real objects brought to class - REALIA

Plan / Map
Spray anti-mosquitos
Mobile phone / Smartphone

Once everything has been arranged, let’s go to the airport! With the help of your tablets, smartphones or laptops, search on the internet and try to find the most suitable ticket for you, according to price, arrival and return dates, etc. (15 min.)

  • Has been easy to find an appropriate ticket?
  • What problems have you had in this activity?
  • What criteria have you followed when looking for your ticket?

ROLE PLAY – In the airport. You are about to board the plane towards Thailand. However, you do not know what you have to do, where is your way, what is your plane, etc. On top of that, your suitcase is overweighed. How would you solve these problems? What would you do? (15 min.)


Song about Thailand culture. Google drive. Watch the following YouTube video about Thailand. Pay attention to what you see so as to fill the following table with some features about this culture, customs and curious points about this country. (Autonomous work, initiation to investigation, ICTs). (15 min.)

Link to Drive (table activity)


WRITING - After getting all the information together, could you make a brief song about Thailand? Choose some of the applications suggested below to help you with your creation, and write down some notes for the lyrics. (40 min.)

Smartphone apps: Caustic 3, Recording Studio, Audio Evolution Mobile, FL Studio, Music Maker Jam, Instrumental Hip Hop Rap Beats, etc. or any other you may know.

Caustic 3
Music Maker Jam
Recording Studio

EVALUATION (final task + activities done in class)

Having completed all the tasks proposed in class, now it is your turn to create a diary/report/portfolio about your future travel adventure. Use the app Storybird to help you, and upload your work according to the deadline. (Autonomous work outside the classroom, self-evaluation).

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