A year of action.

A year of unstoppable progress for animals.

A year for the history books.

The change you drove for animals will transform millions of lives.

You stood up to food companies and demanded better...

If 2017 was the year that higher welfare for chickens arrived at the forefront of food companies' agendas, 2018 was the year that consumers kicked the movement into high gear.

Protesters joined Compassion in Atlanta in silent protest against Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen's support of factory farming.

...including from the food industry's biggest and most powerful player.

Compassion joined an unprecedented coalition of animal protection organizations to demand better from McDonald's, arguably the most famous name in food. And you and your fellow consumers answered our call to action by the thousands—a Change.org petition started by Chicago mom ShaRhonda Dawson has amassed over 277,000 signatures to date.

Back in March, Compassion signed on to a bold, full-page ad in the New York Times demanding better from McDonald's.

In 2018, our campaign took us all the way from McDonald's hometown of Chicago—where we were on the ground to deliver your petition signatures directly to the doorstep of their brand new corporate headquarters—to New York, where a coalition ad ran in the heart of Times Square.

Compassion marches alongside other coalition organizations and dozens of protesters to deliver petition signatures to McDonald's HQ.
In August, the campaign to demand better for chickens from McDonald's took New York's Times Square by storm.
"[People are] in denial about where their food comes from. And I think events like this, which make it clear what it actually looks like, what you’re eating, what you’re actually participating in, on some level making okay, is this horrible thing. You need to know about it… [Chicken] doesn’t just appear like that on your plate."

-Award-winning actress Edie Falco, during a coalition protest in Times Square, speaks on the importance of demanding better for farmed animals

You opened eyes to the devastating consequences of factory farming...

From the aftermath of natural disasters to skyrocketing greenhouse gas emissions, the devastation wrought by industrial animal agriculture reaches far beyond the farm. Factory farming not only impacts the billions of animals trapped in our broken food system, it negatively impacts the health of individuals, the wellbeing of communities, and the state of our planet.

In 2018, you helped us spread the word about the negative impacts of factory farming on human populations--particularly after the devastation of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina--and the surrounding communities that lay vulnerable to the horrific environmental and socioeconomic byproducts of industrial animal agriculture.

Watch and share now:

...and told the world to Eat Plants. For a Change.

Since the rise of factory farming, Compassion in World Farming has focused on tackling the problem at its source, working closely with food companies, farmers, and other stakeholders to make real, measurable improvements in farmed animals’ lives.

Still, more animals are raised on factory farms every year.

The number of people on our planet is expected to hit 10 billion by 2050, and the rapidly rising human population means demand for food—and protein—will rise with it. If our food system continues on its current path, it will mean skyrocketing greenhouse gas emissions, catastrophic wildlife destruction, and perpetual animal suffering.

We need to do more...and it starts with less.

This year, we launched our new campaign Eat Plants. For a Change. designed to demonstrate demand for more plant-based options and help conscious consumers cut back on meat, eggs, and dairy, and replace them with delicious plant-based alternatives--for the good of animals, people, and the planet. Thousands of you have signed up to receive our free regular resources to help you make the switch, including how-to cooking videos, meal plans, tools to help you find good food near you, breaking plant-based news, and more!

At the same time, we also launched the Friendly Food Alliance, a project by Compassion in World Farming that aims to bring together food businesses and producers to build a more sustainable and healthy food and farming system. The goal? To achieve “25 by 25” - a 25% reduction in the number of animals purchased and produced by food companies by 2025.

We're helping companies workshop innovative solutions to effectively and sustainably cut back on animals in their supply chain.

You motivated even more food companies to raise the bar for animals...

In 2018, you kept our momentum going and helped our corporate engagement work rise to new heights, securing significant animal welfare policies from some of the biggest players on the food industry stage—including meal kit giant Blue Apron, which released a comprehensive animal welfare policy plan that will meaningfully improve the lives of chickens, egg-laying hens, pigs, and cows.

Thanks to you, change is coming to our neighbor to the north! Sodexo, one of the largest food service companies in the world, expanded their critical higher welfare commitment for chickens raised for meat to Canada.

You also drove progress to grocery store shelves, as PCC Community Markets—the largest consumer-owned food cooperative in the US—was among the first retailers to join our Better Chicken Initiative.

…and are holding them accountable to their commitments by keeping track of their progress.

In 2017, we launched EggTrack: a first-of-its-kind tool to help you stay on top of food company progress towards their 100% cage-free egg goals and increase transparency in the marketplace. And in 2018, EggTrack was back! Our brand new 2018 report highlights the companies leading the charge…and those lagging behind. Check out the full report, including data from nine new companies representing some of the biggest names in food across all sectors:

The past few years have been all about chickens. To date, over 90 companies have committed to fully transition to higher welfare systems by 2024—which means even greater need for transparent reporting as these companies work towards their goals.

That’s where Compassion in World Farming comes in.

In 2018, we announced the launch of ChickenTrack, a new progress-tracking tool designed to ensure that food businesses can and will stick to their commitments, provide assistance to food businesses during their transition to higher welfare, and encourage transparency in the marketplace.

You helped get the strongest animal welfare legislation on the ballot in California, the world’s fifth-largest economy...

In 2018, Compassion was proud to serve as a member of Prevent Cruelty California, a coalition of animal protection, veterinary, and food safety groups that filed ballot language to eliminate the use of cruel cages and crates for farm animals in CA.

You helped Compassion sound the alarm to animal advocates, and helped us on the ground in California as we worked to gather signatures across the state. Thanks to you, we were able to hit the 600,000-signature goal required to get Proposition 12, the strongest farmed animal protection law to date, on the November 2018 ballot!

...and you won.

After a hard-fought campaign that included well-funded opposition from the powerful meat industry lobbies in California, the good news came in on Election Night: Proposition 12 had been passed into law!

What Golden State voters did was historic: Not only did they ban the use of cruel cage and crate confinement for egg-laying hens, pregnant pigs, and calves raised for veal—some of the worst-of-the-worst factory farming practices—they also banned the sale of products from out-of-state operations that fail to meet these modest standards.

We've worked for decades to protect farmed animals across the globe, and Prop 12 will undoubtedly be the most sweeping law for farmed animals ever enacted. Today, for the animals, we celebrate this hugely encouraging step forward.

- Rachel Dreskin, US Executive Director of Compassion in World Farming, on Election Night 2018

Thank you to all of the amazing supporters of the Prevent Cruelty California coalition and everyone who showed up to the polls to cast your vote!

You helped our movement defeat dangerous legislation on Capitol Hill that would have rolled back years of progress...

2018 was not without its share of legislative obstacles: The dangerous King Amendment, proposed and then revived in Congress by Rep. Steve King (R-IA), would have rolled back years of hard-fought progress on farmed animal welfare, effectively overriding critical state and local-level protections—including the newly-passed Proposition 12 in California.

We sounded the alarm...and you answered the call.

In response to this threat to animal welfare, you stepped up by the thousands, reaching out to your senators and representatives and urging them to take a stand against this disastrous legislation...and we won! After months of drawn-out deliberation, the King Amendment was left out of the final version of the Farm Bill.

…and are challenging threats to animal welfare in Congress, the White House, and across America.

Congress wasn't the only branch of government that posed a threat to farmed animals. This year, you:

This year, the US government announced plans to increase chicken slaughter line speeds to an unimaginable 175 birds per minute. The increased speeds mean that more birds will suffer, and workers’ safety will be put in jeopardy as they struggle to keep up with the frenetic pace of the slaughter line. In 2018, you joined us in standing up for chickens by telling the White House to reconsider their slaughter line speed rules.

The FDA is trying to interfere in the marketplace, considering a ban on words like “milk,” “cheese,” and “yogurt” when applied to plant-based dairy alternatives. This move is designed to sow chaos and make it harder for plant-based companies to succeed. This year, you told the FDA—and the factory farming-ruled dairy industry—they can't redefine labeling terms for their own gain and obstruct consumer choice...and thanks to you, the agency delayed their decision and extended the comment period!

One year ago, the World Health Organization released critically important guidelines to limit the rampant overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture to combat the rapid rise of antibiotic resistance that poses a global threat to humans and animals alike. Instead, the USDA decided that factory farming profits are more important than human health—and the welfare of billions of animals—by doubling down on their support of rampant overuse of antibiotics on farms. In 2018, you told the USDA that this flagrant disregard for our safety is unacceptable.

You helped our message reach new audiences and expanded our coalition of voices...

...in theaters...

Eating Animals, the harrowing documentary about the disastrous consequences of factory farming, hit select theaters across the U.S. in 2018—and viewers and critics alike hailed it as a must-see film. Based on the best-selling book by Jonathan Safran Foer—and narrated and produced by Natalie Portman—Eating Animals illuminates the catastrophic impact of intensive agriculture on farmed animals, local communities, and our planet by highlighting the stories of several courageous farmers who have taken a stand against the factory farming model. And excitingly, Compassion's journey to expose the horrors of the chicken industry alongside whistleblowing farmer Craig Watts was featured in the film!

...at the United Nations...

Compassion in World Farming CEO Philip Lymbery took the floor at the United Nations headquarters in New York. His message was simple: The world—and all the creatures who inhabit it—needs a global agreement to end factory farming. He was joined by race car driver and environmental activist Leilani Munter, and his speech was met with open-minded enthusiasm from those in attendance.

...and online.

Our online movement has never been stronger. You helped us spread the word about the dangers of factory farming, and in 2018, we saw our coalition of animal advocates grow like never before, including a 38% increase in email subscribers and a 27% increase in Facebook followers.

Because of you, our movement has never been stronger.

In 2018, you secured better lives for millions of farmed animals, you demanded transparency from top food companies, you spread the word about the devastating nutritional and environmental consequences of factory farming, and most of all...you were a friend to farmed animals.

In 2019, the stakes will be even higher.

We'll be taking the movement for better chicken to even more of the biggest names in the food industry. We'll be holding even more companies accountable for their animal welfare promises. We'll be fighting attempts by government offices big and small to undermine progress. We'll be fighting for a food future that includes better, more diverse proteins, more nutritious food for American families, and a regenerative farming system that doesn't bred birds to suffer, wipe out wildlife, and threaten the health of our planet.

And we'll be doing it together.

Thank you for transforming our food system, one step at a time.

Thank you for your generosity and your dedication to building a kinder tomorrow.

Thank you for your...

Here's to even more progress in 2019!

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