The Greek Mythology By nathan klie

Ares, the god of war. In Greek myths Zeus and Hera had their first child Ares. He was the God of war. Most of the Gods and Goddess did not like him because Ares had a very bad temper. Ares rode into battle with the goddess of war, the God of fear, and the God of terror. Ares was in love with the Goddess Aphrodite.

4 allusions from myths are, The Golden touch. It means to be lucky. Achilles heel. It means your not good at something. Herculean tasks. It is something very hard. Trojan horse. It means a trick.

All of the Gods and Goddess are arrogant. Some of them are greedy and selfish. And some of them think they're kind but their not. Like Ares is careless, Zeus is selfish and more.

All the hero's in a myth they all have do something to get something. some the hero's character traits are brave, caring, and loyal to the thing they're doing. Like Heracles, and Odysseus Some traits villains have are, selfish, and mean. Like Medusa, and Cronus. They're in common by how they act.

What I loved about the myths is the hero's beat's evil. My favorite myth is Heracles 12 Labors. My favorite monster is Medusa with her snake hair and her story is why.

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