Voice, Tense, and Mood Study Guide Nathan Lathrop

Active voice- the subject does the action

  • I created the castle.
  • I swished the three-pointer.
  • Ryan, my little brother, drew a dragon.

Passive voice- the subject receives the action.

  • The castle was created by me.
  • The three-pointer was swished by me.
  • The dragon was drawn by Ryan, my little brother.

Perfect tense- is made of the verb have and a past progressive: Have+ Past Participle

Present tense: I have shot the basketball.

Past Tense: I had shot the basketball.

Future tense: I will have shot the basketball.

Progressive tense- Made of the verb be and a present participle.

Be+Present Participle

Present tense- Ryan is running with the football.

Past tense- Ryan was running with the football.

Future tense- Ryan will be running with the football.

Indicative mood- used to state a fact or ask a question

  • Ryan is talking to Santa.
  • Are you scared of Santa?

Imperative mood- a verb used to give a command

Give me the toy car now!

Emphatic mood- a verb that gives special force to a simple verb (Do+Verb)

  • I did like to ride on trains.
  • I do like to eat at the Frosty Caboose

Subjunctive mood- used to express a demand or a recommendation after "that". It can also express a wish or a contrary-to-fact condition. Subjunctive trumps all other moods.

Demand- I must insist that Donald Trump is our President Elect.

Recommendation- I recommend that you stop protesting against Trump.

Uncertainty- Whether or not you protest, I'm going to let Donald Trump win.

Wish or desire- I wish people would stop protesting Trump already.

Contrary-to-fact condition- If no one was protesting Trump, the transition of power would be easier.


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