Ms. Bland's Classroom Safety By: Rachel Bland

The internet is a wonderful tool for learning as long as it is used correctly. In Ms. Bland's room we are SMART and we THINK when we go online. Students, please remember these guidelines as you go online in our classroom or at home. Parents, please review these guidelines with your children and make sure they practice them at home as well.

This video by PBS covers many of the rules we follow in our classroom. Follow along as Annie and Moby learn about internet safety and how to be a good digital citizen.






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THINKing Like a Digital Citizen

Keeping ourselves safe online is important, but we also need to treat others with respect in digital situations. That's why we always THINK before we post anything in our classroom. Before you post anything, ask yourself if it is







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If you wouldn't want Ms. Bland or your parents to see what you're doing online, you probably shouldn't be doing it. Follow Ms. Bland's example and ask for guidance if you need help.

Most importantly, if something strange is happening on your computer or a stranger tries to contacts you, tell either Ms. Bland, your parents, or an adult you trust about the situation. Your safety is our highest priority.

The video below sums up our guidelines and explains digital citizenship. When in doubt, remember this song and think of what a super digital citizen would do in difficult online situations.

Remember to be SMART and THINK when you're online, and you'll be a super digital citizen in no time!


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