1/4 & 1/2 Handmade Potato Skins Ideal for starters, lunch, sharing & snacking.

British Grown Baking Potatoes

Aviko’s ¼ and ½ potato skins are handmade from British grown baking potatoes.

Bursting with flavour

Aviko's handmade skins use British grown baking potatoes which are perfect for skins due to their high natural sugar content resulting in a superior taste.

Delightfully crisp

Whether fried or oven cooked, Aviko’s Potato Skins maintain a crispy outer texture even when loaded.


Cooking Instructions

Deep Fry:

Max. 170°C, portion approx. 500g, 3-3½ min.

Oven Cook:

Rub with oil: 180°C, 18 min

There's opportunities for you...

Family & sharing occasions

  • According to UK foodservice reports there is strong growth in sharing occasions with families, in pubs and casual dining.*
  • Sharing options that allow you to customise will make your restaurant stand out.
  • Take advantage of the UK's desire to enjoy occasions together!
  • Try serving a Sharing Platter of Potato Skins with different signature toppings.

* NPD Crest 2018

Catering for families is a great way to boost traditionally quiet times between 3pm and 6pm.

Show Vegans and Vegetarians some love

  • 33.5% of the UK population are cutting down on, or cutting out meat.* That's 22.3m people!
  • People from all walks of life are eating more veg based dishes than ever.
  • Strong desire for more plant based dishes for starters, snacks, mains and sharing
Group books with one of more vegan or vegetarians (over 1 in 10 people are) often make a decision on where to eat based upon the options available to the veggie. Aviko's Potato Skins enable you to offer plenty of choice to people looking to cut down on their meat intake.

Try serving Potato Skins loaded with 4 Bean Chilli, Superfood Greens or simply with seasoned Firecracker Peppers. Great as starter, for lunch, as a snack or for sharing.

Want to add Aviko's Potato Skins to your menu?

We can help you promote them.

Aviko will help promote the skins to your customers by giving you a range of marketing material, branded in your image, to promote your skins via social media and point of sale.

Get in touch for further info

Please talk to your Aviko representative for more information about Aviko's 1/4 & 1/2 Potato Skins. Alternatively, email us on ukdesk@aviko.com or call on 0800 633 5611.

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