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Like usual, we don't do thangs the easy way. Some people buy houses, they paint and decorate, and then they move into perfectly personalized houses that look like someone from Better Homes and Gardens came by to professionally decorate. We are usually running 90 miles to nothin' and are happy to just get our boxes unloaded, much less rooms decorated. I always think, "next time we move I'll decorate exactly like I want to" but this is another time that I did not do that. Instead, I am back to piecing together a decorated but functional house (because if nothin else, I am very practical and refuse to have thangs I don't use like fancy towels to look at but not touch). And I purposefully said "thangs" and "nothin" so you'd expect the caliber of photos you're about to see :).

I'll start with where Garrett and Ellie WERE sleeping. They shared the tiniest room in our house, mostly due to the fact that like most mommas, when your kids are little you want them to sleep on the same floor as you do. That way, I would know what was going on with the heat, the dog, the woodstove, if they woke up and needed me, and whatever else you worry about with kiddos. Since the room was too narrow to put twin beds side by side, they have bunk beds and Ellie slept up top. We have a woodstove about 40?feet away so at night we'd stoke it up good and Ellie would swelter for the first few hours while Garrett was cooler (his bed caught that cool air seeping in the window leaks). It was hard to regulate temps and have both of the comfortable all night, since we try to heat with wood and save heating fuel. Now, you mix a tiny room with bunk beds and two "wild turkey" kids that have no idea what "clean" means and you have two youguns who constantly and consistently blame each other for the pig sty messes that they hide in every crook and cranny. It gets disgusting :(.
You can see where we brought the floor out of the laundry room, into the middle and next to the bathroom. Garrett's new room is the door on the left (top left pic) and you can see the floor extending into there. We finished that middle room now but I can't show a pic of it because the room is stuffed full of bedroom stuff that doesn't fit in Garrett's room. Whew what a mess. Anyway, we got all the old carpet out cleaned up the floors and from here it went pretty fast.
Look at all the mess stuffed into the closet and out in the middle room. A lot of it will go into Ellie's room when she moves out but for now ... "just ignore it" is my motto. Yep, you can tell rednecks are in charge, by the useage of not only duct tape, but two kinds of duct tape. Regardless, it worked, the floor is down, and all is good. I can't find where I took a pic of the floor finished (empty room) but it looked like the room doubled in size. It was very exciting for us all but mostly for Garrett! I am pretty sure he doesn't want anyone to know, and he would never admit it, but he squealed.
And the floors are done!! It is a little embarrassing to post these (but grandma's get antsy about pictures haha) because it is so messy. When Ellie's stuff is out, we'll decorate - Garrett wants Chima decorations - and I'll post some Better Homes and Gardens-Worthy bedroom photos. Until then, stay with me while we finish these downstairs floors.
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