Uncle Sam *Liv Smith

Uncle Sam was used to make people want to join the army he printed posters and hung them around town and soon people would join the army but I dont think the people that joined the army's family wanted them to because a lot of people get killed during the war.

This was the first American Flag a lot of people hang it out side for many different reasons like if someone is in the war or you know someone who died in the war.
The picture on the left is a army helmet on a army tank with a American Flag sticking out of it. On the right the picture is the raised American Flag and the top picture is the United States of America with shining lights.
People celabrate Memorial Day.Some people even go to the parade.Everybody wears Red,White and Blue.Memorial day is a huge celibration.
These are photos of American Flags



Created with images by DonkeyHotey - "Uncle Sam I Want You - Poster" • USDAgov - "d2700-2" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "United States of America" • DZackCulver - "helmet flag patriotism" • mrkumm - "Detroit 2-8-09" • AdrianoIt - "Uncle Sam" • cacostello - "Flags at entrance" • wuestenigel - "Election Night at Rockefeller Plaza" • Randy Heinitz - "Flag Flying"

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