new sandwich alert! Mr. Graham's introduces 5 new sandwiches that you will surely love

Yesterday, I went back to my hometown where I started exploring lots of food, lots of which I shared on my blog. Man, the Tomas Morato and Timog food scene is still at it, and I can say that just like any other food haven in the metro, all it takes is a little patience and a lot of curiosity for you to explore the area to the fullest.

And yet, upon the glitz and glamour of Instagram worthy food all over the metro, sometimes we forget about the most important elements on why we savor food.

What happened with appreciating taste lately? What happened to simplicity? Sometimes, all it takes is a simple but filling sandwich to get you through the day.

ANd at rare times, you might even get two sandwiches for the price of one.

Show this photo below to the staff at Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop and say:

"Let there be sandwich."

If you still haven't heard about Mr. Graham's Buy 1 Take 1 promo for this week, then you must read through this post now.

Tagging two friends on the photo is easy, but getting two sandwiches for the price of one is way easier. (Look for this specific photo on these Instagram accounts for full instructions on how to claim your FREE sandwich.)
Pair these sandwiches with craft beer or Mr. Graham's famous Apple Pie Soda!

Of course, no collab would be complete without trying out the sandwiches myself. It's good timing that I am cutting down on rice lately so I am trying to get my carb intake from bread. YES.

Grandma's Crispy Chicken is made with whole wheat buns, panko breaded chicken, signature aioli and homemade coleslaw. I find this simple and light, yet packed with full flavors!

Grandma's Crispy Chicken - Php140

The Grilled Cheese with Shredded Chicken comes in with whole wheat bread, homemade barbecue slow roasted chicken, and a three-cheese combination of mozarella, cheddar and cream cheese.

Grilled Cheese with Shredded Chicken

I'm a fan of grilled cheese sandwich (that combination of tang, salty and gooey) and I must say that I can eat this anytime of the day.

Grilled Cheese and Shredded Chicken - Php170

I like eating Chicken Parm by itself, but to place it in between two pieces of bread is love. At Mr. Graham's, it's made with pan cubano, crispy breaded chicken, homemade tomato sauce and mozarella.

Chicken Parmigiana
Chicken Parmigiana - Php150

One of my new faves is the Meatball Sub, made with pan cubano, homemade meatballs in a succulent tomato sauce and mozarella. Normally, you'd see this on top of some freshly cooked pasta but not on this joint. The flavors are spot on!

The Meatball Sub
The Meatball Sub - Php145

My most favorite sandwich, no BS included, is their most popular Cebuano, aka the Lechon Sandwich. And it's nice to know that the Cebuano now has a little brother called the Cebuanito.


It's a quick, easier sized sandwich made with pressed whole wheat buns, lechon, ham, pickled green and yellow mangoes, cheddar and aioli.

The Cebuanito - Php125

So come on and grab your friends on this amazing deal. Their Buy 1 Take 1 promo is only until October 8 only!

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