Miah's Announcement miah poindexter

Cyber bullying is a very important topic. it happens everyday and it tears people don't by the second. People are not wanting to go out and let anyone see them because they feel that someone is going to say something to them. it is hard to not see what is going on because when something is put on to the internet it is forever there and even if you delete it it is still there, somewhere out there. Also you want to know what people are saying about you so you keep looking ad it keeps tearing you down.

There are many places that someone can go to talk to someone if they are getting bullied online. if you have a parent of guardian then you can talk to them. Then if it becomes really serious then you can take it to the police and have them investigate on the topic. You can also talk to a teacher that you are close to and then they can help you too. To get education on the topic you can talk to someone who was cyber bullied and they can give you advise on how to overcome it. They can tell you what to do and what not to do.

I personally feel that cyber bullying need to be ended because it is tearing people down everyday. People are afraid to go outside. So they statr to not live their life. they also feel alone. so i feel that it needs to be stopped

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