Donald Trump Online presence

Before his presidential bid

Before his presidential bid, Donald Trump already had a huge twitter following and a large online presence, this is due to him hosting the US version of 'The Apprentice' which had 6.1 million viewers in its finale season with Donald Trump acting host.

Trump still made controversial statements over twitter but they had not been broadcast over the news as he did not have much influence over politics but his opinion was still highly valued in economic topics.

During his presidential campaign

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump used social media as his main method of advertisement, this is primarily due to him already having millions of devoted followers but also due to him not having to spend a huge amount of money on advertisement, Donald Trump had only spent 1% of what Jeb Bush did during the republican candidate race. Trump used short Instagram posts that cost nothing to produce to get his messages out, these videos were then broadcast over the news networks, so essentially Donald Trump was getting free TV advertising when his opponents were spending hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on TV advertising which had less of an impact.

Donald Trump had come under a huge amount of fire during his presidential race due to his twitter and other social media posts attracting lots of unwanted attention from the giant news and media industries around the world, this is mostly due to his social media posts sometimes coming across as derogatory towards minority groups. He also used his social media status to undermine his opponents as well as make himself look good, this can be seen in many of his tweets, especially those towards Hillary Clinton who was his biggest opponent, most of his tweets and posts aimed at Clinton were about her being a "crook" and a "criminal" and gained a huge following because of this. One of the statements that gained a lot of support yet also caused a lot of outrage was that he would lock Hillary Clinton up in prison if he became president due to her being a 'crook'.

Donald Trump was in the news everyday because of his controversial attitude which was generally broadcast throughout the American media outlets as well as over the entire globe. Trump had a huge following through his presidential campaign, mainly from the southern states, mostly due to his immigration policies and his statements about Hillary Clinton, who many people saw as a criminal who would lead them to unnecessary wars. Most people saw Trump as the lesser of two evils during the presidential campaign and there was a lot of hatred towards Hillary Clinton due to her policies and her past as First Lady of the United States when her husband Bill Clinton was the president.

Many media sources tried to degrade Trump due to his immigration policies and would constantly show videos from his past that would show misogynistic or racist characteristics in order to try and stop people following and voting for him.

One statement that turned many against Trump but also turned a few towards him, was that Barrack Obama was not born in America and that he is an immigrant, many Americans who loved Obama felt Trump had made a racial statement due to his name being Barrack Hussein Obama and that he was determined that he would find evidence that he was not born in the USA. Some Americans however shared Donald Trumps view and a full online debate occurred with thousands of Americans taking part, the statement however turned out to be false as Barrack Obama was in fact born in the USA.

After successful presidential campaign

Even months after his successful presidential campaign he still has a very high online presence, this is because he is still making controversial statements and is also implementing policies, he has also done things that have helped the American people that have gained a lot of media coverage, one of these things is that he has ensured that there will be more jobs in the car industry for Americans. Trump has said that any companies building or expanding their production lines in Mexico in order to supply the US will face a 35% import tax, this is due to multiple companies such as Toyota, Ford and Hyundai issuing plans to build or expand their factories in Mexico in order to build cars for the US market, Ford have now retracted their plans to invest 1.7bn dollars to build a new factory in Mexico in order to invest 700 million dollars in their car manufacturing plant in Michigan. Shortly after the statement, Hyundai revealed plans to invest 3.1bn dollars into its US manufacturing plants over the next five years instead of the original 2bn dollars. This single statement made by Trump has secured thousands of jobs for Americans and was broadcast all over the world due to how quickly the car manufacturers reacted to the statement.


Donald Trump was already very popular on social media before he ran for president of the United States due to him hosting ‘The Apprentice’ and his controversial opinions on the world, once he ran for president he became even more popular and was very active throughout all media outlets in the world for his extremely controversial and unusual opinions, he gained a lot of media attention as he was gathering a large amount of support from Americans who felt he was saying what many politicians were afraid to say and was gaining a massive amount of support from the southern states where Christianity is very popular but in an old fashioned form and where there tends to be more discrimination against immigrants, homosexuals and women among others, this shows that his policies have slightly more discriminatory qualities and that they appeal to the more closed minded Americans.

Even after becoming president his appearances throughout the world’s media has not decreased in any way as he keeps the same controversial attitude and shows no sign of backing down on any of his more questionable policies.

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