My 3D Printed Boat By Alex De Schepper

On What Software Did I Create It

I made my boat on a software called Tinkercad. Tinkercad is a website where you can create models you can print in 3D.

Buoyancy and Stability of the Boat

Buoyancy is a force pulls upwards to maintain the boat floating on water. Stability is very important for a boat so that is why I put a hull on each side of the boat (also known as a multi-hull boat) like the picture showed it before, to gain in stability. However, I did no put a keel under my hulls, the reason is that first of all I would pass the string limit and second of all I think there is no reason to put keels because there is already enough of stability with the hulls. To keep the boat floating even under water I made the hulls hollow.

Type of Hull plus Design Choice

For this project I decided to create a multi-hull boat with a at the front, on top in stead of creating a deck I created a container that filled the hole boat so I could put a maximum of coins in it, but during printing something happend with the container during printing and now the boat has no more cover. On the front of my boat I putted a balbous bow like that the boat wont be blocked by the water and can sale freely. When the boat was printed some holes were created so I putted wax to fill the holes.



My boat could hold 4 coins with turbulence for the test with Ms. Burch, but on another test it could hold 13 coins with out turbulence. The buoyancy force of my boat was very good. The things that could be improved on my existing design would be to fill the hole on front left edge of the boat. If I could make another boat i would change the design (i would use more material).

Created By
Alex John De Schepper

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