And then there were none by: Agatha Christie

Ten strangers with nothing in common lured onto one island. not one of them will leave alive.

Transforming the timely book cover into a brand new one allowed me to flow my own interpretation of the novel into a new expression of the murderous plot. The skeletal hand, also included in the original cover, represents the unknown killer acting as an almighty figure, pouring death and disarray onto the ten people at Soldier Island.

Let's reveal a side not known to the reader, or even to me at the time, the side of a killer. I plucked a character whose extreme religious beliefs and lack of empathy could lead her to commit such a heinous crime. I then took her beliefs and contorted and twisted them to create a confession of murder and revenge.

To create an extraordinary bookmark, I had to choose a quote that would not only captivate everyone's attention, but leave them wanting to investigate more. In a letter at the end of the book, the killer himself explains why he murdered the ten inhabitants of Soldier Island, and in it, I found this quote. This quote did more than just captivate my attention, it made me want to read more.

Reading a novel as suspenseful as this one, inspired me to do some suspenseful writing of my own. I proceeded to describe the plot of the novel through the eyes of a character right before she was murdered. In full detail, I recorded the events of her fateful day, ending with her own death and an unknown murderer.

I created this artistic haiku poem, dominated by personification. By personifying words like death and terror, I could shape them into worldly objects that I could represent with sketches. I chose dark colors and vile drawings to reflect the sinister events of the novel.

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