Minecraft Project by joenathan

In minecraft, I built a house. I also wasnt in a group, I built it by myself. The house i built had a little moat around it with a bridge over it so you can walk over the water. The front door leads down to stairs that lead down a little mountain. Inside, on the main floor, there is two little sections, one is a place with an enchanting table and the other section had random things. In the basement, I made myself a little room thats 4 by 4. I made a little living room area, a bathroom, and a little place where you can throw eggs at a red block. The materials I used were, Spruce wood, Spruce planks, two different kinds of fence, quartz blocks, two types of stairs, black stained glass, cyan clay, water, and different kinds of wool. Interesting features that make my build unique is the moat and the way the stairs go through a mountain.

Once again, I wasnt in a group. The role i played was everything since I built it all by myself. I had no teammates except for me so they didnt do anything. In the beginning of the project I was in a group but then i decided to work by myself because i felt I would be more productive. I decided to leave that group because we were building a rollercoaster and that didnt interest me. Also because one of the teammates kept putting lava everywhere and that was annoying and aggravating. My project never got destroyed because I never opened up my world to LAN. I felt relieved since my world was on of the only ones in the class that didnt get destroyed.

1. Not put lava everywhere.

2. Dont use TNT.

3. If you disagree, then talk about it instead of messing up what you already have.

4. Actually build what you say you are instead of doing something completely random.

5. Stay in your own world.

1. Mind your own business.

2. Do what youre supposed to.

3. Dont aggrivate others.

4. Use your time wisely.

5. Finish your work.

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