Why Is The Bible Relevant By kasey williams

Focus question 1.

In what way does the Bible reveal Gods answers to the questions of the 'human heart'

It's about God when he began revealing answers to questions of the ‘human heart’ in a special way through Abraham. All that was revealed by God over this period was written down under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

The books of the Old Testament can be grouped under three headings:

The law

The Prophets

The Writings.

Their greatest experience of God occurred when God acted to rescue the people from slavery in Egypt.

The writing of the Bible began to develop rapidly during the period of the Monarchy.

Focus question two

the bible is a big deal because gods answers are about the human heart, that it was written over 4000 years ago and is still relevant today, that it was written over a long period of time, it influenced the Holy Spirit.

First period, The patriarchs of the people of Israel 1850-1700bc ie.400 years

interim period 1 , Descendants of the patriarch Jacob in Egypt, 1700-1300bc ie. 400 years

second period The exodus and entry into the promised land 1300-1050bc ie. 250 years

interim period 2, Final years of rule under the judges 1050-1020 bc Ie. 30 years

third period The monarchy 1020-587bc ie. 443 years

fourth period, The exile in Babylon 587-539bc ie. 48 years

Fifth period The post exile 539-333bc ie 206 years

Sixth period the Greek conquest, 333-63bc ie.270 years

Seventh period The Roman Empire 63bc-67ad ie.198 years

Focus question 3

the Holy Spirit inspired to writing of the New Testament and how is this evident in the Book of Revelation, Paul and the act of the Apostles.

James, john, Peter, and Jude were the four authors that wrote the New Testament. Within the process of writing the Gospels, revealed who Jesus was. they did this by telling stories about him. In the Bible, the most famous person was Saint Paul.

the writings of Saint Paul was famous for his preaching the teachings of Jesus. Paul wrote letters explaining the teachings of Jesus and challenged early converts to live moral lives.

Jesus told them to share the experiences of God with others. He laid the foundation of what later became the church so that all who joined it could have these experiences.

Focus question 4

In reading the Bible, you need to understand the range of the literary forms. What the big deal with the Bible announcing the 'Good news' is and that when trying to understand the differences of a gospel


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