5 Themes of Geography By: Mackenzie Olsen

Maple Lake, MN

Place: What is it like?

My family has a cabin on Maple Lake, in the town of Maple Lake, in Wright County, MN. Maple Lake has many physical and human features. Some physical features are; it has approximately 11 lakes in the area including Maple Lake (which is the lake my cabin is on.) Also, the climate changes according to the season, it is cold in the winter and warm in the summer. Average temperatures in the winter are 5.2-16.8 degrees F and 70.1-78.5 degrees F in the summer. Some major cities nearby are Monticello, Annandale, and Buffalo. Some animals that live in the area are; many kinds of fish (like bass, salmon, trout, walleye, etc), birds (like loons, hawks, owls, etc), mammals (like muskrats, squirrels, deer, etc), and much more. Some plants that are located in the area are; trees (like the oak tree, maple tree, pine tree, etc), aquatic plants (like algae, lily pads, etc), wildflowers (like Golden Alexanders, False Marigolds, etc), and many more plants. Some human features are; the population is 2,059 people and there are 773 households, according to the 2010 census. The racial makeup of Maple Lake in 2010 was 97.2% White, 0.7% African-American, 0.3% Asian, and the other 1.8% was made up of other races.

Photo taken on one of the lakes near Maple Lake
Golden Alexanders

Location: Where is it?

The absolute location of Maple Lake is: 45° 13′ 45″ N, 94° 0′ 7″ W. The relative location is; Maple Lake is east of Annandale, it is north of Buffalo, and it is south of Monticello. Also, Maple Lake is closest to Ramsey Lake, and Highway 55 runs right through the town. Maple Lake is 51.2 miles away from Minneapolis and is 27.8 miles away from Rogers.

Red Area is Maple Lake
Distance from Maple Lake to Rogers

Human-Environment Interaction: How do we interact with the environment?

At my cabin, we do everything we can to help the environment. We recycle as much plastic as we can, and we compost our banana peels and much more. We also have a garden that we grow many different fruits and vegetables (which are the best!). We have a few solar panels that help power our cabin and take off some of the negatives that come with power plant electricity. At our cabin, we also have a lot of bird feeders and bird baths, and we grow plants that are food for butterflies and hummingbirds. Some negative effects to the environment that are produced at our cabin are; we have mostly power plant electricity (we only have a few solar panels), and we have cut down trees.

Bird Feeders (positive)
Tree stump (negative)

Region: How are places similar or different?

My cabin is located in Wright County. Wright County is in the Central Region of Minnesota. Minnesota is in the upper Midwest Region of the United States. The United States are located in the North American continent.

Maple Lake is located in Wright County
The United States located on a map

Movement: How do goods, ideas, and people move?

The main form of transportation in the Maple Lake area is by car, and specifically on Highway 55. Highway 55 runs straight through the city of Maple Lake and is the main form of traveling in and out of the town. Also, lots of people travel by boat or jetski on the lakes. Maple Lake also has many walking trails and paths spread throughout the area. Maple lake is a small town so people are very close and communicate very often, so ideas are spread very quickly.

Boats on a lake near Maple Lake
Walking trails
People talking (ideas spreading)


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