-As I am focusing on the art for my project most of my reflective journal will be focused on any issues, feats, discoveries etc. in the art side of the game, this will not completely rule out any talk of code/sound as I will talk about how my graphics work impacted that work.

Over the Easter most of work I did was working on small graphics for the game such as weapons. I did a bunch of practicing art and trying new techniques such as comic style shading with lines, one of the videos I used was:

I feel like this gives the drawing or sketch a much better feel, everything looks more dramatic and interesting

weapon sprites

These are the weapon sprites I made over Easter I made some "god weapons" and some "devil weapons" (names subject to change) I also made a few "standard" weapons. These took about 2 minutes each with some changes made at the end of each.

I also started on the dungeon tileset:

dungeon tileset

At this point the tileset includes entrance ways to move onto new areas or enter the dungeon, it also includes walls and flooring which are intended to look rocky and dirty which was difficult to achieve with the limited colour palette however I like the way it all turned out, I also made a whole to put on the ground or walls (depending on which is used for which) I'm not sure at this point what it will be used for but I thought it was a cool idea and just adds more possibility for the rest of the group.

entrance for dungeons or boss rooms

I also made this entrance for the dungeons before I made the tileset (I did this as Anthony wanted something to program for an entrance) but I guess it could be used as an entrance for other things too, whenever I make these things I try to think about how I can make them more modular so that they can be placed amongst other things.

I'm also looking into getting more stationary for more traditional art as well. As much as I love the benefits of digital art for me it will never replace traditional art. I have been browsing the Rymans site to see what I want and I have see a few things I like the look of, some of those being: a brush pen, copic greyscale markers and bleed proof marker sketchbooks. The downside to this is of course the cost, the brush pen alone is around £6. This is an issue as I'm currently unemployed.

death animation

I also made a death animation for the player and Anthony has got already got it into the game and it looks great.

I have also been listening to the FZD Design Cinema Podcast, they often talk about different roles in the industry and how to improve your skills in a realistic way.

I had a great Easter holiday and I look forward to getting on with more work over the coming weeks, I had chance to spend time with my girlfriend and family and I feel refreshed and ready to work. No real struggles with work through out the break mostly just straight forward apart from the death animation with the 10th frame, to get his shape right is really awkward and I still don't believe it is perfect now, but I can't afford to spend anymore time on it, it looks fine anyway.

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