Carlmont Con allows students to share creative content

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Carlmont Con gives students the opportunity to display originality

By Molly Donaldson

Each year, dozens of Carlmont kids flock to the beloved music festivals that call the Bay Area home. From the urban streets of Oakland’s Rolling Loud to the grassy fields of San Francisco’s Outside Lands, music festivals are seen an opportunity for attendees to watch some of their favorite artists while spending time with their best friends.

Carlmont students received the chance to visit yet another music festival this year, however this time, it was right here at Carlmont.

On May 11, the Carlmont seniors hosted Carlmont Con, an event where bands, music groups, and solo creators performed and demonstrated their talents and artforms. Attendees were able to see their music-making friends in a new light while watching amongst their classmates. They were also able to participate in the sales of fellow students’ branding with products and clothing.

The event was developed as a way for Carlmont’s senior class to express some of their culture and creativity through both performance and selling products. ASB President Valerie Wang thought that Carlmont Con would be a good opportunity to give her fellow seniors the chance to make a presence at school.

“The idea was to have something for the senior class. Like the juniors had the Juniorfest and I was kind of inspired by that because they kind of went all out to have something for their class,” Wang said. “I felt like the seniors were kind of lacking that, so I kind of took it upon myself to see what the seniors could do that’s specific to us. I thought that something like Carlmont Con would fit well to the people in our grade.”

Performers at Carlmont Con thought that it was a great opportunity to show off their work and present themselves to the school in a manner they hadn’t been able to before.

“My favorite part was when I got to perform in front of all my friends because I feel like there is whole different level of energy you get to show people when you perform rather than just showing them a track,” ZJ del Mar, a senior and member of the musical group Sad in SF, said.

Attendees also enjoyed Carlmont Con because they were able to enjoy the music of their fellow students and share the experience with them.

“I loved getting to see my friends perform and seeing such a large production that was made for Carlmont kids, by Carlmont kids,” Isabella Mattioli, a junior, said.

Another enjoyable part of Carlmont Con was the trade show, in which students sold items from their personal brands. These lines included Surrender by Ben Ledwith, CE Scrunchies by Carolyn Wang, and Purpose by JSI. Students selling goods loved the chance to advertise their brands and gain publicity.

“The performances were really sick, having like the stage and lighting really made it as if it were a concert and it was a really cool environment to be in, but at the same time i also really enjoyed the booths and setting up.” Wang said. “It was sort of like we were having a convention. They were so excited to set up their booths and bring tables over and it ended up looking super cool.”

With the success and establishment of Carlmont Con, Wang and others hope that the tradition will be able to continue in years to come.

“If class officers, other juniors next year, or next year’s seniors do wanna have something like Carlmont Con or continue the vision on of the students in their grade, then it’d be super cool if they did it again,” Wang said.

What is Carlmont Con?

By Rachel Hunter

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