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Exploring the Setting

Anne's Secret Annex

Anne lived in secret, in the top part of her father's business to prevent being caught. They hid in a series of small rooms the door to which was hidden behind a bookcase. Her family was forced into hiding because they practiced the Jewish religion.

This is a wax sculpture of Anne created to preserve the memory of her and her diary.,+Prinsengracht+263-267,+1016+GV+Amsterdam,+Netherlands/@52.3752182,4.8839765,15z/data=!4m6!1m3!3m2!1s0x47c609c5213e1149:0xd49a5d653e635b0a!2sAnne+Frank+House,+Prinsengracht+263-267,+1016+GV+Amsterdam,+Netherlands!3m1!1s0x47c609c5213e1149:0xd49a5d653e635b0a

NEMO Science Museum

NEMO Science Museum is a science center located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was created in 1923 and called Museum van den Arbeid or in English, Musem of Labor. They have exhibits there ranging from DNA to a giant domino experiments.

This is a picture of one of the exhibits they had in 2008.,+Oosterdok+2,+1011+VX+Amsterdam,+Netherlands/@52.3742111,4.9123385,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x47c609a4fe55bb9b:0xc748bda26202cebc

Nuremberg Laws

This was the chart that determined who was considered a Jew.

Marriage between Jews and subjects of the state of German or related blood are forbidden. Marriages nevertheless concluded are invalid, even if concluded abroad to circumvent the law. Annulment proceedings can be initiated only by the State Prosecutor.

Extramarital intercourse between Jews and subjects of the state of German or related blood is forbidden.

Jews may not employ in their household female subjects of the state of German or related blood who are under 45 years old.

Jews are forbidden to fly the Reich or National flag or to display the Reich colors. They are, on the other hand, permitted to display the Jewish colors. The exercise of this right is protected by the State.

Any person who violates the prohibition under I will be punished by a prison sentence with hard labor. A male who violates the prohibition under I will be punished with a prison sentence with or without hard labor. Any person violating the provisions under III or IV will be punished with a prison sentence of up to one year and a fine, or with one or the other of these penalties. The Reich Minister of the Interior, in coordination with the Deputy of the Führer and the Reich Minister of Justice, will issue the Legal and Administrative regulations required to implement and complete the Law. The Law takes effect on the day following promulgations except for III, which goes into force on January 1, 1936. Nuremberg, September 15, 1935 at the Reich Party Congress of Freedom.

The Nuremberg laws were created to keep Jews separate from the rest of Germany. The Jews weren't allowed to marry Germans or fly the German flag. They were excluded from doing everyday things like employing German women that were under 45 years old. These laws were the start of the Holocaust because they encouraged hatred towards Jews. This hatred built up and turned into death camps and forced labor.


Propaganda is untruths or biased opinions that make people think that one group is better. Propaganda was widely popular during World War II. Emotional Appeal, Name Calling, Patriotic Appeals, Half-Truths or Lies, Catchy Slogans, Visual Symbols, Humor or Caricatures are all the types many of which were used in World War II. Adolf Hilter used these to support hatred towards the Jews and encourage patriotic pride. The US also used propaganda against Japanese people during the time.


Anne Frank

Anne is the daughter of Otto and Edith Frank, and sister of Margot. Anne can be childish and goofy, but is very intelligent and outgoing. When her family went into hiding, she wrote in a diary she had received for her birthday. Her diary was found in their secret Annex, by her dad after he was freed from captivity. Her diary ended up providing hope and courage to many Jews who were discriminated against.

Margot Frank

Margot is Otto and Edith Frank's daughter. She is three years older then, her sister Anne. She is also described as quieter than her sister. She is described as shy and she enjoys studying. She is very intelligent and is often talked about in Anne's diary.

Edith Frank

Edith Frank is the wife of Otto and mother of Margot and Anne. Edith has three older siblings, two brothers and one sister. She got married to Otto in 1925 and gave birth to one year later. Her younger daughter Anne is born three years later. When Otto Frank reads Anne's diary he finds she didn't have very high respect for her mother.

Otto Frank

Otto Frank is the father of Anne and Margot and the husband to Edith. He is the only person that hid in the secret Annex to survive the war. He worked in a Macy's and bank in New York and was later drafted to the military to fight in World War II. Otto is described as very logical and the one who balances everything.

Act I Summary

Otto Frank comes back to the Annex where his family and the Van Daan's hid during World War II. He finds and begins reading his daughter's diary and he is reminded of some of his experiences from the Annex. She describes the struggles they face, like constantly keeping quiet, their lack of food and Anne's frustration with Mr. Dussel her new roommate. Through their hardships, they are able to celebrate Hanukkah and be thankful, until a thief arrives and risks their secret.

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising took place from April 9 to May 16, 1943. About 7,300 people were killed, 300 of which were German soldiers and the other 7,000 were Jewish fighters. This event significantly lowered the morale for the Jewish communities in Poland.

Anne Frank Act II Summary

Anne and the others in hiding worry about food and other daily struggles. Anne and Peter hang out more and find comfort in coming to each other to talk. Although their parents are against Anne going into Peter's room, they continue to see each other frequently. Mr. Van Daan is caught stealing food and the group is very frustrated. The rift Mr. Van Daan caused is quickly solved after they here the news that the invasion has begun and everyone is hopeful once again. A few weeks later they hear the telephone go off from the workplace and no one is sure who is calling. After the phone stops ringing they hear voices telling them to open up and they soon realize they have been caught. Anne's diary ends abruptly and we again are greated by the voices of present day Otto and Miep who think over the end of Anne's diary.


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