RDS Boys Regional Teams FAQ

What is the RDS Regional Teams Program?

The purpose of the New York Red Bulls RDS Regional Teams is to identify and develop the elite level youth soccer players in the New York metro area and provide them with the best possible developmental experience. RDS Regional Teams will also bridge the gap between the regular supplemental RDS training and the New York Red Bulls Academy teams and provide the number one pathway into the full Academy teams.

What are the goals and objectives of the RDS Regional Teams?

Short term:

  • To develop confident, competent players with a reliable and diverse technical foundation and tactical understanding.
  • To help players improve their physical attributes by utilizing a professional support network, scientific research and testing and retesting.
  • To develop players character through emphasis on brand values and identities.

Mid term:

  • Graduate players on to the Red Bulls Academy.

Long term:

  • Provide players with the best possible chance of reaching the Red Bulls First Team, and realizing their dream of becoming a professional player.

Where will the teams be based?

The teams will all be regionally based, across three geographical areas. The lay out of the RDS Regional Teams means that all elite youth soccer players in the metro area have an accessible option for high quality team training.

Region 1 - New Jersey North: Our New Jersey North team will service all players in Central/Northern New Jersey, as well as Westchester and NYC.

The regional training location for the New Jersey North team will be split between Torne Valley Soccer Complex in Ramapo, NY and Red Bulls Training Facility in Whippany NJ.

Region 2 - New Jersey South: Our New Jersey South team will service all players in Central/Southern New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

The regional training sessions for the New Jersey South team will be split between The Fields Sports Complex in East Brunswick NJ, and the Red Bulls Training Facility in Whippany NJ.

Region 3 - New York City: Our New York City team will service all players in NYC and Long Island.

The regional training sessions for the New York South team will be the Long Island Sports Complex.

Players do not need to reside in the area of the team that they apply for, and may try-out in any region, as is most convenient.

How often will the teams train?

Each team will enjoy two regionally based sessions per week throughout the spring and fall season. All players will also have the option to partake in a third weekly session, hosted at the New York Red Bulls Training Facility in Hanover, NJ.

Our goal across the course of the year is to provide the players with a 4:1 training to game ratio.

Who will coach the teams?

All teams will be coached by one of our highly qualified and experienced professional RDS coaches.

Where will the teams play their home games?

All RDS Regional Teams will play their home games at the New York Red Bulls Training Facility in Hanover, NJ.

Which leagues and tournaments will the teams play in?

All RDS teams will compete in the Eastern Development Program (EDP) during the spring and fall seasons.

All teams will participate in four high level tournaments each year, included in the base registration fee. Teams will also have access to exclusive MLS events such as the Generation Adidas Cup, and the Toronto FC KIA Fall Invitational (additional fees may apply for out-of-state events).

How big will the rosters be?

Each team will carry a small roster of between 12 and 14 players, maximizing contact time between player and coach and allowing for ample playing time.

What is the Red Bulls' approach to dual carding?

Consistent with New York Red Bulls approach to developing youth talent, dual carding is permitted, providing a player’s primary commitment is to Red Bull New York.

How does the tryout process work?

Tryouts will take place throughout April, and will consist of a three stage process.

Stages one and two will both be regionally based, with three different tryout locations available. All players who successfully navigate the first two rounds of tryouts will then be invited to the final tryout, which will take place at Red Bulls Training Facility, in Hanover, NJ.

To ensure only high-level, committed players apply, a one-time non-refundable try-out fee of $30 applies.

Players may tryout at any of the three regional locations, and are not tied to the area in which they reside, or the team for which they wish to play.

Final announcements on team rosters will be made no later than May 1st, 2018.

What player development initiatives will the players be exposed to?

Pre-season orientation - Players, parents and families will be hosted at Red Bull Arena for their official welcome to the team as we go behind the scenes at our first team's home. Not only will this event act as signing day for the players, but will also lay the foundation for the season to come. Families will receive a detailed overview of the program and the development processes and how they can expect to be supported over the course of the year.

Pre-season training camp - All teams will begin their seasons with a week long residential pre-season training camp. Set in the idyllic surrounds of Golden Goal Tournament Park in the Lake George region of upstate New York, this 200 acre purpose built sporting retreat will give the players the perfect opportunity to bond as a team and lay the foundations for a successful season to come. Players will enjoy access to the 8 professionally maintained fields, athlete's village and recreation center, woodland based challenge courses and multiple classroom spaces.

Please note, participation in the team pre-season training camp is optional, but highly encouraged. The cost of this training camp and transportation to and from the facility (if required) is not included in the seasonal registration fee.

Pre-season goal setting - All players will participate in a detailed self-assessment at the beginning of the season, from which their individual development plans will be created.

Individual development plans - With guidance from the coaching staff, players will identify the areas that they would like to improve in, and develop a structured plan in order to achieve these goals.

T4 athletic testing - During pre-season training camp, players will be measured in their speed, agility and endurance. Throughout the season, players will be re-assessed in the same areas in order to measure the growth of their physical abilities.

Mid-season reviews - Written mid-season assessments (once in the spring and once in the fall) will provide players with an update on their progress, highlighting areas of strength in each players game, and aspects that they should continue to focus on in order to improve.

Video analysis - Video feedback will be provided throughout the season as a tool to help the players improve their technical and tactical skills. Team video meetings will also be held to address team shape and principles of play.

Mid-season review meetings - In person player/parent meetings will be held at the mid-point of the year with the team coach, giving all team members an open forum to discuss each player's progress.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the program is $1450 per spring and fall season.

What does the registration fee include?

  • All player carding
  • 10 weeks of practice sessions throughout the spring and fall seasons (up to 30 training sessions)
  • 6 weeks of indoor winter training
  • All referees fees
  • Four annual tournaments
  • The program registration fee does not include player uniforms, or any international or long-distance special events, such as preseason training camp or MLS tournaments.


My son's experience has been amazing! The coaching staff is wonderful and completely dedicated to the development of the boys with the perfect balance of encouragement and discipline. We can't say enough!

The Cali Family

The Red Bulls RDS program is setting a new national standard for comprehensive youth development - transforming players into leaders poised for lifelong success both on and off the field.

The Berkley Family

The RDS team experience is by far the most complete and professional experience in youth soccer in our area. The quality of everything, from coaching, facilities, uniforms, support both on and of the field, make for a professional experience that exceeds all expectations. I've been a part of a few high level programs, and no one comes close.

The Herbert Family

The RDS team has the perfect balance of training the individual player while still building a unique team environment . Weekly communication to players and parents was truly professional and the attention to every detail of the training program is truly amazing.

The Herndon Family


Photos by Nina Broeer

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