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“A Creative Church” by Todd Smith really helps the audience to understand the importance of arts in the church. Todd Smith does a wonderful job of explaining the necessity of art in the church, and therefore “A Creative Church” is a great read. I would recommend “A Creative Church” because the author helps readers to understand why art is needed in the church, how to glorify God through art, and uses moments in history to explain the renewal of art in the church.

“A Creative Church” is a great read because it helps readers understand the concept of arts in the church, and how truly important it is to have arts in the church. Having arts in the church creates character; not only does it create character in the artist, but it also gives the church character. Franky Schaeffer addresses artists in his book “Addicted to Mediocrity: 20th Century Christians and the Arts; “[b]y expressing yourself as an artist and by exercising those talents God has given you, you are praising him” (59). By following God’s command, and doing as God tells them, artists are creating a Godly character. Arts in the church may also cause the artist to have a Godly character due to the time spent in the church, and that Godly character can be resembled in the art, and the Godly character in the art could spread just by someone admiring, and analyzing the true meaning of the art work. Smith says “The arts today are shaping global culture in unprecedented ways. God is calling and preparing artists and emerging artists of faith to connect their creative gifts with His redemptive purposes” (41). God has blessed a handful of people with extraordinary gifts, and if those gifts are used properly, and used positively in the church, and around the globe, then there will be a Godly impact on the world. Arts are needed in the church to positively spread Gods word, and his love. Arts in the church can lead to a large impact on global culture.

Dancing can be used to express yourself, and it can be used to express God's love for us.

God blessed few people with the gift of dancing, and dancing can be used to glorify God, and give him the praise.

Another reason why people should read “A Creative Church” is because Todd Smith uses specific examples of art that will glorify God. God has blessed some people with the gift of dancing, or singing. Dance can be used in the church to glorify God, because dance can spread a message or tell a story through beautiful choreography. Smith talks about the National Liturgical Dance Network; “In order to implement their creative goals, the organization strives to use dance a means of witness, edify the church, create an intimate relationship with God, and provide training for dance ministries” (113). Many networks have been set up in order to use dance properly in the church. Music can also be used to glorify God in the church. Music can be used to lift our voices, to praise God, and to give him all the glory. There are many Christian artists, and bands that travel around the globe lifting up Gods name through song, and spreading God’s grace. Arts like dance and music in the church can help to open up Gods word to the people of the church who can take what they have learned and spread the gospel to the nation, and allow others to have the opportunity to see God’s grace. According to Frank E. Gaebelein author of “The Christian, The Arts, And Truth: Regaining the Vision of Greatness, “[y]ou and I have no right to take the arts for granted. They are neutral; they do something to us, and we need to be aware of what they are doing” (101). God has blessed so few with amazing gifts, and no on can take those gifts for granted. Those gifts need to be cherished. The arts in the church will inspire others to be Godly and to spread God’s word.

God gave people the gift of singing to lift up his name and to tell his story, and to tell the truth of Gods grace to the world.

Music can be used to lift up Gods holy name and to praise him, and give him all the honor and glory.

Finally, I recommend “A Creative Church’ because there are moments in history that are used to explain and support the renewal of the arts in the church. Todd Smith uses real people and their stories, and their experience with arts in the church. The greatest part about the book is that Todd Smith used his own life, and his own life experiences to express the necessity of arts in the church, and how it can truly effect someone’s life. Smith states that he dreamed of having a large group of talented dancers that traveled the world to spread God’s word through dance. Eventually Todd Smith joined Youth with a Mission where he began to travel the world and spread the gospel, and he was able to start recruiting gifted dancers. Through the dancers’ performance many were able to see the truth of God (37-39). God uses people in many ways, and God was able to use Todd Smith to spread Gods words. Smith also uses moments in history to show the importance of arts in the church. Smith talks about one of the largest events in the renewal of the arts which was when John Heyl Vincent and Lewis Miller created a summer camp that would help train Sunday school teachers (12). Smith using exact moment in history helps the reader to better understand the renewal of art in the church.

Call it Grace is by Unspoken, on of my favorite bands. Call it Grace talks about how much God truly loves us and that no matter how far we stray from him, and no matter what we do he will always forgive us ad welcome us with open arms.

“A Creative Church” is a great read for anyone; even if they are not into art. Todd Smith does a wonderful job of explain the necessity of art in the church. Smith is able to execute this so well because he clearly explains why arts are needed in the church, he establishes different ways to glorify God through art, and he uses real people, including himself, and real moment in history that show the renewal of art in the church.


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