Tour of the Harn Nathan quinn

I. Medium and Technique

"Pli Selon Pli" by Jeffrey Horvitz is made of Stoneware. The piece first struck me as very nature like, as if it was carved by water rushing over it rather than by an artist's hand. This picture surely does not do the art justice, as the piece is breathtaking in person. the piece made me forget that I was inside looking at art, I felt out in nature.

II. Design of the Museum

Irving J. Goffman garden (continued below)
The Irving J. Goffman Garden contains art made of stoneware in an unusual display for a museum, outside in a small enclosed garden. When you first notice the garden it seems very out of place surrounded by typical art pieces seen in the standard gallery. This exhibit particularly interests me in a similar nature-oriented theme as the previous piece discussed, the closeness to nature gives the art an organic feeling.

III. Core values- feminism

Art that adresses social issues is the most powerful form of art in my opinion. A popular saying about art is that it is meant to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. Talking about serious social inequities is not a comfortable thing for many in positions of privilege. It made me especially happy to see such important issues discussed in the museum.
These pieces address the inequities in the art industry involving misogynist and racist practices. Although they seem simple at first, these art pieces explain exactly what is wrong with white-man centered art culture.
These two pieces address the same issues as the previous group of works. With a focus on humor, these pieces are able to lighten the tension on the serious issue of lacking diversity in the art industry. It makes me very happy to see a large wing of the museum dedicated to intersectional feminism, because so often, feminism is not as inclusive as it needs to be to progress equality for all.

IV. Art and the good life

Many of the works on African dance traditions depicted this aspect of culture as celebrating the good life.
These interactive elements on depicted and engaged museum-goers with African dance, an essential part of the good life in these cultures. Explaining the traditions that accompany African dance, the pieces in this exhibit were able to show that dance and music is an essential aspect of celebration in many African cultures.

V. conclusion

The Samuel P Harn Museum of art is a great place to learn about feminism, celebrating the good life, and nature all in one while enjoying beautiful art. All photos are taken originally by Nathan Quinn.

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