2020-2021 Forsyth Virtual Student REgistration Procedures Want to register for the '20-'21 School year? See below!


This information applies to grades 6-12. If you are seeking K-5 Virtual opportunities, please visit the Forsyth Restart webpage.

*2020-21 Registration Deadlines:

  • Full Time Registration Deadline: 7/31/2020

FVA Registration Process (for grades 6-12 only)

Step 1: Students/Parents will access the registration portal to elect the virtual course(s) desired.

Step 2: Request is sent to student's counselor/admin for approval.

Step 3: Once approved, student request is placed into the FVA registration queue and registered.

Step 4: The FVA team will reach out to verify schedules (Full Time Students Only) via email or phone. Once verified, students are scheduled into courses.

Part-Time Student Registration

The part-time designation applies to students who elect to take courses at his/her base school and virtually.

To participate in Forsyth Virtual courses on a part-time basis, students must access the link below to sign up for Forsyth Virtual Courses. Upon approval from an administrator or counselor at your base school, the student will be entered into the registration form to be registered for courses through FVA.

*FVA courses are only available to Middle/High school students who are enrolled in a Forsyth County School.

Full-Time Student Registration:

The full time designation applies to students that take all courses virtually.

Students who are currently enrolled in a Forsyth County School will need to complete the Full-Time Application provided below. This Application must be completed in full and submitted via the registration form below. Once the application is received and processed, the student/parent will be contacted by Forsyth Virtual to proceed.

Students Who Are Not Currently Enrolled In A Forsyth County School

Students attending FVA must be registered in the Forsyth County Schools system. To register a student in Forsyth County Schools, please visit the FCSS Registration website to make an appointment and view all required documentation. After the registration process is complete, the process for full-time students (outlined above) may proceed.

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