made by moises african rock python scientific name: python sebae sebae

Pythons are carnivores, also known as meat-eater, they eat monkeys, pigs, deer, birds, smalls apes, and some more animals. they are not venomous, they kill they prey sometimes by SQUEEZING their prey to death, when it is done eating ( eats its prey whole, it does't even chew! it has SUPER strong acids to help it eat it whole), it does not eat for so long and may go to sleep, that is the easy part for being killed because they sleep for a couple of weeks, easy kill. it can be killed by crocodiles, badgers, and mongooses.

like any other snake, they are cold-blooded ( that means their body temp changes with enveirment ), so you would NEVER find one in the cold on both poles, they grow they whole life, kinda like getting fatter every year. they can be long as 18 feet-20 feet ( average ), kinda like 3 abraham lincons, but can sometimes it can be 28 feet. they have dry skin and it glistens plus like you know, it has scales. it has tan and black spots that have a black outline and has a V- shape on its head,


Created with images by shankar s. - "African Rock Python" • US Army Africa - "Soldiers get a lesson in snake safety" • Rusty Clark ~ 100K Photos - "Brevard Zoo African Animals" • ~Ealasaid~ - "DSC03459"

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