Murderer of My Mother A myth

Ugh, I thought I was normal! I had a chance to go on the bus or not. That stupid bus! Now I'm lost with a bunch of DEAD BURNT BODIES!!!!! AND NO!... I'm in the woods with no phone! I started walking so I can find a place with a phone( but that never happened).

It's night already! bruh... At least I have GUMMY BEARS!!!!! I was about to start eating some, BUT!- GRRRRRR! "What the fudge!" Whoops, said that out loud. GAHHH!!!!! It pounced at me... "Heel Cerebus, Heel!" said a voice out of the nowhere. The thing is a dog with three heads!!!!! Then he came out of the shadows...

One word. CREEPY! He had scene hair(emo hair), a blood red flanel shirt, and black pants with chains attached. "That's Cerebus," he smiled with dimples,"-Oh and I'm Zack...heh..." "I'm Ellie." I said in return. Then we started walking together.

I was hungry so we had a snack break and I shared my huge pack of gummy bears with him. (He even had dimples when he ate!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!) Then we decided to take a nap and he wanted to take first watch.

When I woke up, he was gone and I was in a deserted town. I only heard three noises.A hiss. A growl. And a goat's bleat. There it was... It has a tail of a snake head, a goat with huge horns that looked like it could impale titanium, and... a head of a extremely savagely lion (RRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) UMMMMM... What would you do if a freaking Chimera was circling you? The only thing some one helped me with at the time was when they told me something extremely dumb. "Think of your favorite animals and imagine being it!" a voice called. uhhh ok... that was a retarded suggestion- but okie! "If I get killed for this I'll haunt you when I'm dead!" Then I started feeling a weird burst of warmth and tingling...OWWIIIEEE!!!!

Then I peeked and saw myself in the puddle... I literally sprouted dragon wings, wolf ears, scales on my elbow and cat eyes replaced my old ones, even my mouth changed! I have a dinosaur/lizard mouth ( that sorta made me look like Jeff the killer's daughter), with razor sharp shark teeth that I just bit my tongue with- ouch... thinking about tongues, I had a really long tongue... oooohhhoohh I'm on fleek! LIT ooohhh and my senses are increased by like... 20 times what it was before!!!!! -Back to the fight~ Like the dumb person I am, I picked up a burnt tree branch and swung it. Well... that didn't help, it only gave me a splinter and it broke in half before it hit the Chimera! bruh... Then I just noticed that I was wearing a bracelet so I started playing with it because that's what I do when I'm extremely terrified.

Whoooooossshhhhh! I admit it... that was totally awesome! The bracelet turned into a machete! So eventually I swung at the creature with it but it bounced in the opposite direction and it only made the Chimera seem like The Incredible Hulk O.D. ballistic. If I die tell my retarded sisters that I hate them and I'm the one who broke all the heads off their dolls... NOT sorry about that! "Ellie! Think fast." they tossed a grenade at me and I knew exactly what to do...

I opened it and threw it in it's mouth... "Uhhh... nothings happeni-" Booooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK... said that too early. Gross eww bleh it- its- the... head? The heads all popped off and out came one animal from each head. A snake, a goat, and a lion. They came up to me and the lion put his paw over my heart. I flinched but I didn't freak out but I did in my head though... After the animals went their seprate ways the body dissolved and created a sad image of the Chimera that made me wanna punch my guts.Hmm I feel like I've known the Chimera as if it was my mother... "Ellie!" a voice boomed from underneath me. I stepped back a couple of steps and the floor started to crack...


"I am Hades, God of the under world and the unliving. I have guided you here to meet your destiny and prophecy and now it has taken place and ended ' The only daughter of the Chimera will kill her own mother once and for all!'" "That was my mother?" I said in return. "Yes, now don't be sorrowful because she was going to kill you first.But thanks to my son, Zack here, we got you here safely. And keep the sword, it kills both mortals AND immortals. It's celestial bronze and titanium fused together so while your at it be careful.Oh and its said that you died in the bus crash so your staying at the demi god base. Even if your not a demi god we'll make arrangements. Oh by the way tap the hilt of the sword to make it transform into a bracelet again." Then Zack lead the way and his father went back down into the earth. "Geez your dad keeps talking on and on and on!"

The end...


"Ugh I could smell the chimera all over her and the word 'EVIL' is written all over her! Justin, I'm suspicious of this girl I mean-"

"Khaos! She's just like any other inoccent mythical creature! Are you saying your suspicious of me too? I remember you staring at me the first day, so its either your suspicious of me or... you like me!" Justin said.

"NO!" then Khaos started blushing... "SHOOSH! We're here to gather some items for the base. Now shut your dumb mouth before I shove a tornado in it!"

" Ugh daughters of Zeus are horrible flirts." he mumbled.

" Hey! You act like your any better! MINI MEDUSA!" she crossed her arms.

" Oh well! Not my fault!"

"Such a dunder head!"

" And your the thunder head!"

Then they went to the village to get things with Zack and Ellie in front of them.

That's where the real action begins...

The real end (or to be continued)



Created By
EllieWolfie Wu


Created with images by The Hyper-Psych Art of Michael J Bowman - "Grumble Bum (Tuesday's Totem)" • jajalaba0 - "woodland taiwan dead wood" • Silus - "iPad drawing" • - "Autumn is coming." • jar [o] - "Miner's Cabin" • Hubble Space Telescope / ESA - "Disco lights from a galaxy cluster" • Iwan Gabovitch - "Explosion" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Flying Through a Crack in the Ice"

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