Textile Tectonics: Weaving + Macramé FALL 2019 - SOPHOMORE STUDIO - VERNELLE A. A. NOEL (GEORGIA TECH.)

Studio Description

This studio relates to the work of Gottfried Semper who developed ideas on the relationship between tectonics and textile, making the wall become inherently ornate and ornament inherently structured. This studio developed architecture based on the relationship between tectonics and textiles through a study of weaving and macrame. Students analyzed and produced physical and digital diagrams, developed rules, and conducted material experiments by making 2D and 3D woven and macrame patterns and forms. After conducting these experiments, they designed a library of their choosing based on their research and study. This studio was coordinated by Lars Spuybroek.

MUSIC Library by: Ben Mayo & Haley Kellam (Weaving)

"This music library, focuses on the preservation and digitalization of music based around research and education. Throughout this building are listening booths, an auditorium, recording studios with a digital focus and hopes to preserve music for future generations. The library intertwines education and research in hopes each will inspire each other. With the research and education having the same focus, it began to inform our central idea for this library, which incorporates a central mesh. This mesh, constructed of steam bent wood, is inspired by our previous weaving and intertwines the functions of our building. The auditorium, located at the base of the woven mesh, allows for sound, light, and air to combine the levels of program and create a space informed by sound visually." - Ben and Haley.

Drawings, Renders, and Physical Models

History of Visual Effects Library by: Christian Waweru (Weaving)

Drawings, and Renders

Children's Library by Carolina Fernandez & Lauren Marino (Macramé)

Renders, Drawings, and Models

Evolution of Technology Library by Julia Leftwich and Colt Brock (Weaving)

Drawings, Renderings, and Models

Library for the Visually Impaired by Sean Li & Isabelle Williams (Macramé)

Drawings, renders, and models
Created By
Vernelle A. A. Noel