MY UTOPIA The warmth of the sun is the medicine that warms ones heart

I choose this as my Utopia because I love the warmth of the sun against my skin and also the smell of the river and the sea ,it gives you a feeling of happiness and tranquility . I am also a loner I like to stay in places where I can free my mind and cherish nature and where I can also escape reality.

MY ESSENTIALS ARE : unlimited wifi, sewing machine, sewing materials ,bed ,refrigerator, television , Advil , body supplies, gardening tools , hair supplies , money, stove, hammock , sanitary products , kitchen utensils

fruitsĀ are natures candy
Grow what you eat ,eat what you grow . I would definitely grow my own food because I like fresh food and I like planting and planting would be my only way to survive and also fishing could be a way of providing meat.
The relaxation of ones mind give you a sense of freedom. For me I like the feeling of being relax and being somewhere where I can gather my thoughts and use them to the best of my ability. I choose this particular place because it gets my mind off things that bothers me .There is nothing like a sea breeze to put a smile on your face.
Losing your thoughts in books is like forgetting that the world exist. I like reading especially romance books it helps to put my mind at ease, you get to escape reality for awhile so having a library in my house would be a very important thing to me because it helps me to release stress and shows me how to unravel life and also experience.
Sewing would be a way of getting clothes
The bar would be my little outside entertainment where I could relax and watch the waves.
This is the symbol that represents me. The dove symbolize love, freedomĀ , peace, hopefulness sacrifice and also devotion.

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