Town Branch Wastewater treatment plant remediation

The Town Branch Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) is the focal point of one of the Group 2 remedial measures proposed by the FCUCG as a result of the lawsuit filed by the EPA.
The project at Town Branch WWTP was called-for to reduce or eliminate the number of recurring sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) and unpermitted bypasses at the treatment plant within 11 to 13 years after the effective date of the Consent Decree.
SSOs are caused by capacity restrictions, sewer line blockages, and/or deteriorating sewers. They usually occur during extremely heavy rainfall when stormwater gets into the sanitary sewer system and this exceeds the ability of the sewer to effectively capture and pump the water away.
To determine the level of control (LOC), it had to be determined as to what the size storm would need to be to be effectively controlled by the WWTP capacity. The standard of the "2-year, 24-hour storm" was selected as the standard to which the facility would have to operate without SSOs.
In addition to all the other sewer projects supporting this one (spelled out in the Consent Decree) the Town Branch WWTP will require an additional holding tank (44 million gallons), 23,000 additional feet of pipeline (approx. 4.4 miles), and $27 million in additional infrastructure upgrades. In total, the Town Branch WWTP will require $154 million in the next 10 years or so given the timing of the CD.
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