Daycare Worker "Nothing you do for children is ever wasted" -Garrison KeiLlor

Job Description/Daily Tasks: Must supervise the safety of children, prepare meals, help them keep good hygiene, change diapers, organize activities, develop routines to follow, watch for problems to tell parents, and keep record of each child.

Salary and Work Schedule

-Median Hourly Wage: $9.77

-Median Annual Wage: $20,320

-Schedules vary depending on full time or part time job

-Some additional hours before and after a typical 9-5 job

Work Environment

-May work in childcare centers, preschools, public schools or private homes

-Be able to work with infants, children, preteens and other daycare workers

Education and Work Skills Required

-High School diploma is required

-Helps to also have additional training in the field

-Must have communication skills, decision making skills, instructional skills, interpersonal skills, patience and physical stamina

Issues To Be Aware Of

-Pay is not very high

-Children may misbehave or be difficult to deal with at times

Benefits and How You Are Helping

-You will be eligible for benefits such as medical insurance or retirement packages

-Working at a daycare helps all types of families including those with both parents who work and need help to balance everything

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