How the Wisakedjak has been misused in pop culture An nda3m Project

In this course I first chose storytelling, although I liked it I wanted to explore something that not that many people were doing

So I decided to go another route than the other people who chose storytelling with comparing my favorite tv show trickster to native tricksters

Although the looks are very different they seem to be similar to each other in a sense

The pictures above resemble tricksters in Indigenous culture

Below are pictures of the Trickster in Supernatural

The trickster
This was in season 5 when the brothers thought they killed him
This was when Sam threatens to kill him

The Indigenous version of the trickster has many qualities that are similar to the trickster in Supernatural, The native qualities are:

Posess human form

Have special powers

Loads of knowledge


They can outsmart people with their knowledge

Protect the world

Coyote, raven and a hare

Almost always male

Changes shape to cross between worlds




Mean spirited






This was an illustration from the Wiaskedjak and The Moon story

The Supernatural version of the trickster has many qualities that are similar to the native qualities, the qualities are:

His human form is the only forn

He has special powers



Ability to outsmart people with their knowledge

Protect the world

Almost always male




Mean spirited






Could possibly be killable

So the differences between them were:

Supernatural trickster- he was possibly killable, he could pass through worlds but he couldn't turn into another shape, and he could not posses the shape of an animal

Wisakedjak (Cree trickster) in Indigenous Stories

There was a time when animals had great power and take on human form.

A great deal of subarctic natives told the stories of a “Culture Hero”

Who is the first person to gain the special powers

To the natives power and knowledge were together, and a special individual was the one who “knows something”

The culture hero has showcased their knowledge and independence which is recognised as crucial survival skills

And they could also outsmart people with their knowledge of evil medicine.

They also gained the ability to prevail over dangerous animals which made the world a safer place in which the native peoples could live

Sacred Cree stories were traditionally talked about strictly, only during the winter.

Myths about the culture hero Wisakedjak, even the funny ones, is one of the stories restricted to wintertime.

In some Cree communities, legends about animals were also forbidden during the summer.

It was said that Wisakedjak was made by the Creator to protect the world, but most of all the humans

Do to his disobedience to the creator, the creator flooded the world to teach Wisakedjak a lesson

Popular trickster forms are a coyote, raven and a hare

Almost always male

Often changes shape to cross between worlds

They lie to get sex or food

The deeds of tricksters end up being responsible for the way the world is now

Characteristics are hard to pin down since he exists in opposites. He is selfish but sympathetic, he is callous and mean spirited but also loveable, he is also foolish and clever

Crude and immature

Mr. Drew Hayden Taylor

I had the honour of being able to interview Mr. Drew Hayden Taylor a Anishnawbe native and also a Writer

What do you know about the wisakedjak?

Unfortunately not a lot. IF memory serves me correctly, Weesageechak is the Cree name/manifestation of the trickster and I am not Cree. I am Ojibway/Anishnawbe, a different nation. So any 'trickster legends I may know would not be from the Cree perspective.

Is there any interesting stories that you have written about the trickster?

Yes, I wrote a novel called MOTORCYCLES AND SWEETGRASS where the central character was actually Nanabush (the Ojibway/Anishnawbe interpretation of the 'trickster).

What different type of tricksters are there?

That's a good question. Most but not all First Nation cultures have a trickster figure in their cosmology. For example, Glooscap, Raven, Coyote, Napi, Spider....etc. Some take a human form, other's take animal, others take a combination of the two.

Are all tricksters shapeshifters?

I believe so but am not sure.

Are tricksters killable?

That I do not know.

Trickster in Supernatural

he has a human form, the man who plays him is Richard Speight Jr.

He can transport wherever he wants to, the ability to appear than disappear

He knew who Dean and Sam Winchester were and he used all of their bad qualities against him

Like the Culture Hero he prefers to not work with people

As the trickster he could manipulate people into believing whatever he wanted through their mind

He was like the Wisakedjak created by the creator but he was one of 4 archangels created by God

He could not shape shift into another animal but he has eternal life

Gabriel is male although he could possibly take the shape of a female if he wanted to

He has been in the world ever since God created him

He was not selfish although he killed the people who he felt deserved it

He was sympathetic in mystery spot when Sam begged him to stop killing Dean since they learned their lesson

In the episode mystery spot in supernatural Gabriel killed Dean multiple times to teach Dean's brother a lesson

He was mean when he kept on killing Dean over and over again

He is lovable since he was so funny, he was so sarcastic with the Winchesters

He was foolish by offering himself to Lucifer to kill since he could have stayed alive for more centuries to come

In order to escape from his fighting brothers (Lucifer and Micheal) he left to earth

Some of the things that he did to the “High and Mighty” they were pretty deadly

He did a lot of silly things with the opposite sex and he toyed with Sam and Deans emotions

Sam and Dean tried to kill him but they actually killed a duplicate of him

Episodes: 2.15 Tall Tales, 3.11 Mystery Spot

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