Jim Elliot Project By: Matthew Maggard

Born- October 8, 1927 in Portland Oregon Died- January 8, 1956 in Eucador

His Parents were Fred and Clara Elliot. He had three siblings

He was a Christian since grade school. He told his mom "Now mama, the Lord Jesus can come whenever he wants. He could take our whole family because I am saved now, and Jane is too young to know him yet."
Jim attended Benson Polythenic High School. After high school he went to Wheaton College and was a leader of the school's missionary league. He left the college with a degree in Greek.
He married Elisabeth Howard in 1953. He was always a missionary and had no other jobs. He had a daughter Valarie who was born in 1955.
Jim always carried a Bible with him, and was not afraid to speak out for Christ. He wanted to spread the Gospel with everyone which led him to become a missionary
Jim began his work by talking to people in the Chicago train station about Christ. He left to minister in Eucador in 1952. Jim learned about the Quicha indians and was drawn to them. He wanted to reach the savage Waodoni tribe. He landed with four other missionaries and began talking to the tribe. A man named George betrayed them and they were attacked and speared to death.
Jim is remembered for his selfless devotion to Christ. He had many books written about him. He has some private schools and churches named after him.
Jim liked many verses of the Bible and kept them in his heart.
  • Jim met his wife at Wheaton College
  • Was betrayed by "George"
  • Began translating the New Testament into the Quichua Language, was later finished by his wife.
  • Was accompanied by 4 other missionaries in his work in Eucador

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